Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Bookworm Friends

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Showing friends that you are thankful for their friendship with gifts is often an important part of strengthening your bond. Bookworm friends, however, tend to be harder to shop for than most other nerdy friends. You could buy them a new book, but reading preferences are often very personal, and if you do find something you know they’ll like, there’s a good chance they already picked it up on the day of its release. So when books are out of the question for gifts, what do you give a lover of literature? We have some perfect gift ideas for your bookworm friends that’ll help you figure out what to buy.

Journaling Materials

Bookworms can never get enough of fancy journals. Every journal is unique and will find plenty of usage in the hands of any book lover. Play on your friends’ interests when shopping for a unique journal—if they’re a fan of fantasy, buy them a leather-bound journal that makes them feel like they’re recording their own epic adventures. If you’re really serious about their gift, consider engraving their journal with a special quote or their initials.

When a journaling bookworm has enough journals in their collection, consider getting them a few beautiful pens, markers, or bullet journaling stickers.

Book Merchandise

Nearly every piece of literature has some form of shirt, bags, or even socks themed after it. For a bookworm who has wrapped themselves in a fandom, it will be easy enough to find merchandise. Bookworms who are more interested in niche literature can be tougher to find fun merchandise for, so perform some under-the-radar reconnaissance to try to figure out their favorite book quote. From there, you can have it printed on an item of your choosing.

Commission Art

Many outstanding artists, especially in book fandom circles, are always looking for new work. If your friend loves a particular series and has a favorite character, consider commissioning a piece of artwork just for them of that character, a favorite scene, or a beloved pairing. The artist may have an option for mailing a physical print to your friend rather than keeping it all digital. Remember to respect the artist’s livelihood and timeframe—ask for the commission far ahead of time to give the artist time to prepare and work.

Reading Room Accessories

Reading should be relaxing, so many of the perfect gift ideas for your bookworm friends will also help them relax as they dive into a good book. For a friend who loves lighting candles during a chilly, rainy night and losing themselves in enchanting literature, gift them a scented candle that will fill them with nothing but warm feelings as they read. A unique new lamp for their reading room will keep them reading all night. If you notice that their books aren’t very organized, consider gifting some two-of-a-kind bookends with a design theme to match their favorite aesthetic. Posters with quotes, art, or any form of décor will always do wonders to enhance a reading room.

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