Cookie Run OvenBreak: A Hidden Gem in Mobile Gaming

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When you think mobile games your mind might automatically go to “Angry Birds”, “Hogwarts Mystery”, or even “Raid: Shadow Legends” just to name a few. The gameplay is present but usually will be filled with ads or pay to win incentives. Today we’ll be exploring a mobile game that stands out amongst the rest. Its name is “Cookie Run”.

What is Cookie Run?

“Cookie Run Ovenbreak” is an endless runner game developed by “Devsisters” and available on iOS and the Google Play Store. As of October 23rd, “Cookie Run” is celebrating its 4th anniversary with its “Operation Timeguard” update. You can find a link to the full details here.

Cookie Run 4th Anniversary Update
New Update Coming October 23rd

Core Gameplay

The first and most important thing in “Cookie Run” is its gameplay. The goal is simple. Choose a cookie and a pet to run with. Then collect as many jellies as you can to get the highest score possible. Keep leveling up your cookies and pets to run longer and gather even more points. Beware! You will have to jump and slide to avoid obstacles in your path.

Cookie Run Gamepay
Jump and Slide to avoid obstacles

Colorful Roster of Characters

One of the many highlights of the game is its vast array of characters to collect and play as. Each one feels unique with their own animations and abilities. Additionally, cookies have their own background and relationships to explore. You can unlock these little pieces of trivia by running with your favorite cookies. If you enjoy a bit of light-hearted narratives you will enjoy this.

Haunted House
A scene from the “Spooky Spider Mansion” event

Starting October 23rd, “Devsisters” will officially be adding a permanent storybook option to the game. This will allow new players to catch up with stories from the previous events whenever they want.

Design and Art Style

No game is complete without a defining look. Gameplay aside, “Cookie Run” is an absolutely gorgeous game with its 2D character models and beautiful backgrounds. As you run, the backgrounds and obstacles change with each section of the map.

Exploring the deep blue sea in the Lost City of Sugarteara.

Cookie trials have their own unique appearances. Depending on which trial you choose to play, the theme of each level changes. In one trial you could be running through a haunted mansion while others send you to the bottom of the sea. Unlock cookies and pets to see them all.

Kiwi Cookie’s Trial

Variety of Gamemodes

“Cookie Run” has a variety of different game modes. Each one caters to a different type of playstyle. Are you competitive and want to run against other players for high scores? Then Trophy Race is the place to be. Do you just want to run as your favorite cookies and receive a reward at the end of the week? Then Breakout has a variety of maps to choose from.

Cookie Run Menu

Additionally, “Cookie Run” features a guild system that allows players to run together to achieve goals. This social aspect of the game has its own set of events and challenges as you help your guild rank up and unlock new features. You can also send your cookies off to explore while you play the rest of the game. Come back and collect guild items that will assist the rest of your guildmates as they do special runs.

Guilds allow you to connect with other players.

Frequent Updates and Events

“Cookie Run” is frequently updated by active developers that listen to the community. Each month Devsisters upload a video update on what will be added to the game. They also update older cookies with buffs and trials. Just because your favorite cookie might be 2 years old does not mean it will be forgotten. New candies and costumes bring your favorite cookies back into the spotlight.

Furthermore, events are usually helpful to new players who want to catch up. Treasure buff missions and max out events are especially useful. You’ll be able to collect plenty of new cookies and get them to higher levels this way. So keep an eye out and get ready to run.

Cookie Run Events 1
“Cookie Run’s” October slumber party costumes

Optional Microtransactions vs Rewards

The inclusion of microtransactions can be a dealbreaker for people who just want to play a game without emptying their wallets. Many mobile games implement this mechanic by making exclusive in-game currency hard to obtain. Other more infamous games might force players to choose between grinding endlessly or paying to skip the grind.

“Cookie Run” is a gacha game. You obtain new cookies from chests from a variety of rarities. How do you obtain these chests? Some chests cost coins, but the best chests cost crystals. Luckily the game has your back. Crystals are easily obtainable through various events and weekly rewards. So don’t worry. You won’t need to dump your wallet to get good. Some events will even give you chests as a reward. So while the option to pay is there, they never feel necessary to progress.

Cookie Run Event 2
Kiwi Cookie’s November bingo missions

How the Cookie Crumbles

In conclusion, “Cookie Run” is a mobile game with lots of tender love and care put into it. It has fun characters and a gorgeous presentation. You’ll always find something different to do with each update and plenty of weekly rewards. If you’ve got the time, give it a try. You might just end up running forever.

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