Should You try Fortnite Again in 2022?

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Whether you like it or find it annoying, “Fortnite” has made a huge impact on the gaming scene. It has been a game that has spawned numerous streaming channels and pro gamers alike. Released in 2017, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” took the world by storm, literally. However, if you’re like me, someone who slept through its initial hype then you’ve woken up to a world where there are hundreds of people attempting to make it big as “Fortnite” streamers or even going pro. Over the past four years, “Fortnite” has evolved into something quite different than what it started off as. So today we’ll be looking at the game through the eyes of someone who picked it up once a few years back and didn’t quite get into it. 

A More Inviting Game

Back when “Fortnite” first released its battle royale mode it had a distinct art style compared to other competitors. At the time, the genre was still in its infancy and options were limited. Its then competitor, “Player Unknown’s Battleground” or PUBG for short, offered a more “realistic” experience in terms of graphics. It didn’t do anything special appearance-wise and mostly stuck with its “Arma” looks. After all, it was yet another mod for “Arma III“. Fortnite on the other hand had more colors and a cartoony look that was not just inviting but easier for a wider variety of gamers to get into.

Over the years this style has helped “Fortnite” evolve in more ways than one. The mostly green map was updated with new biomes, new areas, as well as new themes with each update. We’ve seen the original map not only change but get erased entirely and replaced with a brand new map. This new map features brand new locations and gameplay mechanics that give it a fresh new makeover. However, appearance-wise it’s just fun to look at.

Characters in particular have helped boost Fortnite’s presence in gaming. The same way a character getting added to “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” can be a big deal, the same can be said about “Fortnite“. This is the only place you’ll be able to see videogame characters such as Kratos or Master Chief come face to face. If that wasn’t good enough “Fortnite” is also able to tap into characters other than those who originated in games. You can unlock the Mandalorian, John Wick, or even The Predator to play as when you next drop down from the battle bus. With these new characters, it allows the game to yet again reach out to new audiences. 

Fortnite Predator

Missions and XP

One of the major changes for players returning after so long is the inclusion of missions that can be completed during matches. These were added during season 10 and offer large amounts of XP for completion. These missions make leveling up much easier and completing the battle pass a more achievable task for the newcomer. If you’re interested in the battle pass there are also exclusive missions that allow you to unlock characters and items. XP coins were also introduced during the start of “Fortnite: Chapter 2“. These multicolored coins also grant the player large XP boosts depending on their rarity. They can be found across the map hidden in secluded places.

Fortnite Map

Another new change to modern-day “Fortnite” is the addition of interactable NPCs that can be found all across the map. These NPCs take the form of some of the player costumes that could previously be obtained throughout Fortnite’s history. You can interact with them and initiate challenges that reward you with gold bars as well as upgrades for your weapons. You can also hire some of these characters to fight alongside you. That is, of course, if you have enough bars for their services. 

Vehicles, Bounties, and NPC Enemies

If you’re looking to give “Fortnite” a second chance and haven’t stepped into the game in a while, then there are some gameplay elements that have been added which might be of interest. For starters, vehicles have become a more commonplace occurrence. Plenty of them were added with the start of the third season of chapter 2. These vehicles are perfect for outrunning the storm and getting to places much quicker than before. Keep in mind that driving on the road is much more effective than trying to drive on the grass. These vehicles add a much quicker way to travel and can help prevent you from spending too much time aimlessly running.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of NPCs to interact with. However, there are also enemy characters that need to be dealt with. You’ll find them roaming around the map in groups hunting down players. Luckily enough, getting the drop on them will yield plenty of rewards. At the time of writing this article, there are also a few special enemies to be aware of. Some of these include the Mandalorian and the Predator. These enemies can only be found in their special areas and will drop special equipment and loot when defeated.

Speaking of dealing with enemies. Modern-day “Fortnite” takes a few notes from other battle royales that have come out recently. One such inspiration comes from the “Call of Duty: Warzone” inspired bounties. These bounties can be initiated for a limited time during the match. During that time window, you need to eliminate a specific enemy player. While you’ll still get rewards if the enemy player dies, you’ll be able to get more if you do it yourself. 

Give it a second chance

Fortnite” has undergone plenty of changes over the years. Even someone like me who couldn’t get into it before can find that the current direction of the game is much more interesting and fleshed out. It has plenty of characters to appeal to a wide variety of gamers. It also makes gameplay much more streamlined and easier to get into than ever before. With all these changes I find myself playing much more often than I did years ago. Maybe it’s still not your cup of tea but maybe you might find yourself enjoying the changes more than you’d expect. For more on other battle royale games check out this article!

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