Darkest Dungeon II: Early Access Release in 2021

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Darkest Dungeon, the Lovecraftian RPG/Management Sim that took the world by storm in 2016, is receiving a long-awaited sequel.  Set to release into Early Access in 2021, Darkest Dungeon II showcases a new 3D art style, while maintaining the gothic grittiness of the universe.

Red Hook Studios, the studio behind the Darkest Dungeon series, has just dropped the above trailer to build up hype for their Early Access release. Reworking the visuals isn’t the only thing that has been done to improve Darkest Dungeon II. The game will feature “a refined combat system and a whole new metagame”, according to Red Hook’s article.

This teaser “[was] captured straight out of Unity, and uses the in-game character models”.  Red Hook also said that “Darkest Dungeon II is packed with fresh monsters, bosses, and challenges.” Certainly, fans are scratching their heads wondering how Red Hook could have made Darkest Dungeon any more challenging, but are eager to find out for themselves.

The game’s Early Access release date is something that the team at Red Hook Studios seems driven to honor. They teased a sequel on February 19th, 2020, but it was little more than a logo and character silhouettes.


For those looking to get their hands on the first game, Darkest Dungeon is currently on Steam for under $30. Although painfully difficult, and characteristically unforgiving, Darkest Dungeon rewards that pain with a fun and immersive experience.  So much so, that the game made it into FictionTalk’s “5 Lovecraft Inspired Games to Fill Your October”.  While October is almost at its end, there’s still plenty of time to dive into a fun and challenging RPG adventure before the sequel’s Early Access release.

Make sure to stay tuned for any updates on the Darkest Dungeon II.

Nick Pepper

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