Most Impactful Technology Trends of 2020

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Technology is something that has become a constant in our daily lives, be it for personal or professional use. There is always a new technological advancement that impacts our lives for one reason or another. In most scenarios, that new technology offers us some sort of benefit, such as making it easier to accomplish certain tasks. Other times, it offers a new source of entertainment. Learn more here, as we look at some of the most impactful technology trends of 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

The advancements of Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, have made so many people can use this technology in their daily lives. It is now a reality that five out of six Americans use it in some form each day. AI is used in navigation systems, streaming services, smartphone assistants, ride-sharing apps, and smart home assistants. Artificial intelligence can also be used for scheduling, predicting maintenance, improving energy efficiency, and predicting sales in retail. AI is a computer system designed to mimic the intelligence of humans, which then enables it to recognize speech, patterns, and images. It can also make decisions in some instances.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These two similar technologies were originally thought of as more useful to the gaming industry. However, as they have become more advanced, they have seen important applications elsewhere as well. Virtual Reality (VR) is the complete replacement of our reality with a virtual one. An augmented reality (AR) is only a partial altering of one’s true reality, usually through the enhancement of objects that reside in the real world by computer-generated information. Both are now used for training in the military and many other industries. Their technological impact on the real estate industry is a significant example of something we couldn’t have seen coming several years ago.


While cybersecurity has been around for a while, it’s still one of the most impactful technology trends of 2020 for a few reasons. As with any technology, cybersecurity gets better as time goes on. Unfortunately, there is a continuing rise in malevolent hacking to illegally access private data. As cybersecurity improves, it seems that someone always finds a new way to breach it. For this reason, cybersecurity is a technology that will always need to evolve with the times. Cybersecurity jobs also continue to increase, further proving its relevance and need.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is heavily used for automating jobs, similar to the applications of AI. It has been useful in many industries to replace people that would perform repetitive tasks such as processing transactions, reading data, interpreting applications, and replying to emails. While RPA has made coverage of menial tasks very practical for much of the working world, there have been concerns that it will put millions of workers out of jobs. Some, however, argue that it will be able to create new jobs in the form of developers, project managers, business analysts, and consultants.

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