Grand Theft Auto Funniest Characters List

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Grand Theft Auto games have always been chaotic as hell. It’s their ‘thing’, I know. Although, those few of us who don’t skip cutscenes very well know that Grand Theft Auto has many genuinely and controversially hilarious characters. I mean, can you really have one-dimensional maniacs with no personality as video game characters? Grand Theft Auto says no.

That said, let’s count down the funniest Grand Theft Auto characters!

10. Roman Bellic

So, we start with ‘the serious GTA’. Roman is the cheerful liar who manages to get himself caught up in bad situations all the time. Obviously, they’re mostly about the money he claims he’ll pay back “soon”. Roman is the elder cousin of Niko and their scenes are comedy gold.

9. The Truth

When Grand Theft Auto has someone named ‘The Truth’, you know something’s up. If I told you he’s a hipster smoking weed, chanting “Ohm” and “Ramayana” mantras (Ramayana isn’t even a mantra by the way) during yoga, scolding people for ‘killing his vibe’, you still couldn’t know him really. For he is The Truth, he knows everything. You don’t.

 8. Lamar

Okay, honestly, sometimes Lamar seems annoying like a brat who just doesn’t shut up. When you pair him with Franklin though, it works perfectly. Also, gotta admit, the ‘yee-yee ass haircut’ is a knock-out roast. The only thing missing was the ‘Wasted’ frame on Franklin. This guy just says one thing and manages to rile up the calmest of characters.

7. Lance Vance

They seriously thought that we’d take someone named Lance Vance seriously? Sure he gets pretty serious in the second half of Vice City but before that, he’s a completely different character. He acts all charming and charismatic that surprisingly works well with the main man, Tommy Vercetti. So much so that they take over the entire criminal underworld of Vice City. Showing up randomly at places, talking as if he’s gonna offer a shady deal any minute. Having catchphrases like ‘Lance Vance Dance’, Lance is as unpredictable as humorous.

6. Catalina

Oh you know, GTA just needed a ‘crazy b’ in the game, so they added all relevant traits in her character. Catalina is highly energetic, erratic, and erotic. When you mix these three traits like an experiment gone wrong, you get some prime psychotic comedy. Though, in her defense, there are rare instances where she doesn’t scream.

5. Niko Bellic

Grand Theft Auto’s most serious protagonist ever, arguably. Also, one of the funniest, Niko is a sarcastic war vet with a penchant for dry humour. As said before, Niko’s stoic and stable demeanor plays off well with Roman’s boisterous bullshitter persona. Not to mention the added effect of Niko’s monotone Russian accent. Niko’s voice actor Michael Hollick did an amazing job with this role.

4. Lester Crest

Lester looks like your typical basement dweller who just shitposts on the Internet all day and throws around political jargon as if he’s the President. Actually, that is somewhat true but he’s a bit more than that. Lester is actually good at using computers, you see. Despite his controversial social and political expertise, he is a regular team member for GTA V’s heist missions.

3. Ken Rosenberg

A nervous wreck of a corrupt lawyer, Rosenberg is a classic GTA character. After the failed deal at the prologue of Vice City, we are greeted with perhaps the best opening line of any GTA to date: ‘I poke my head out of the gutter for one. freaking. second. and fate shovels shit in my face!’ This line from Rosenberg not only sets up the tone of the Grand Theft Auto world in general but introduces his character perfectly too. Don’t get it wrong though, Rosenberg continues to be consistent throughout, being the butt of all the jokes and a spineless wordsmith on drugs.

2. Tenpenny

The ultimate corrupt cop. The role of Tenpenny is Samuel L Jackson’s best role yet, no arguments. Leave aside his badge, his power, influence, and he’s still enough to be a serious antagonist. His cunning words mess up CJ for years on end. Tenpenny is the biggest bully in the form of a villain ever. His stern delivery of the most stereotypical things is unlike anything else. Tenpenny to CJ, “We can shit on you from such a height you’ll think God himself has crapped on you.” Enough said.

1. Kent Paul

The top three choices are really close and interchanging them is understandable. Though for this list, Kent Paul takes the win for the funniest Grand Theft Auto character. He’s known in Vice City as the “music industry slimeball” and nothing was better said since then. Kent Paul first appears in Vice City and then in San Andreas. In Vice City, he is a bigmouth who is connected to all of Vice City and deals information with Tommy. Kent is a sarcastic chilled out party-maniac and lives up to it!

So, this is our list of funniest Grand Theft Auto characters! Share your funniest quotes from the GTA series below.

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