Valorant New Agent Killjoy Abilities and Details Revealed

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Valorant, or rather Riot Games, recently revealed their new agent named Killjoy. She is a German tech expert and her kit is something of a Cypher and Raze mix-up. She looks like a Watch Dogs character. We will see her in action from 4th August, when Act II of Valorant begins. Details for Act I, Ignition, here.

We have a fairly decent idea of her abilities and how her kit would work overall. According to Valorant devs, Killjoy is an expert inventor who is best at defensive tactics with a special talent for locking down huge areas.

Killjoy Ability 1 – Alarmbot

Killjoy’s Alarmbot is basically a hidden Raze Boom Bot. You can deploy it anywhere in close range, after which the Alarmbot goes incognito. It has a circular area of effect and chases enemies once activated within their range. The Alarmbot has two effects. One, it deals damage. Two, it debuffs enemies into a vulnerable state. During this, enemies take double damage. Similar to Cypher, Killjoy can also pick up her abilities even if deployed.

Alarmbot can be pretty useful at entry spots or usual camping corners as it leaves enemies with little to no room for falling back.

Killjoy Ability 2 – Turret

Killjoy can deploy a turret which scans a 180-degree area and fires at spotted enemies. While this ability doesn’t deal hefty amounts of damage on its own, it can be complemented with Alarmbot for a bigger impact. Killjoy can pick up this ability back as well.

Turret can be used in corners, not for dealing damage, but as a recon ability. Once it starts firing, you know an enemy is present. Turret is a close range ability as well, so players can drop it on the way when attacking a site.

Killjoy Ability 3 – Nanoswarm

Nanoswarm is a bit similar to Alarmbot in the sense that it goes incognito once deployed and works as a trap too. Killjoy can deploy this grenade on the ground. Once activated, it opens up a swarm of nanobots that damage enemies caught inside its circle.

Judging from the impact Nanoswarm could have, it might just get nerfed later on. It has a considerable area of effect, isn’t easily visible, and deals an insane amount of damage. It’s like a mini-paint shell of Raze.

Killjoy Ability 4/Ultimate – Lockdown

This is a big one. Killjoy can deploy a spike-level bomb which can contain enemies inside its radius. Once Killjoy deploys this bomb, it takes a certain amount of time before actually activating. Once activated, however, it will contain all enemies still inside the ring for eight seconds while causing negative effects on them as well.

Though this ultimate is one of the slower ones in Valorant, it is still deadly if it hits. Considering all of Killjoy’s abilities, she can potentially solo defend a site. Lockdown will require a little foresight and intuition though. Do keep in mind that enemies can destroy this device.

More on Killjoy

We still need more information before we know exactly how Killjoy is going to play and how she ranks up against other agents in Valorant. Though someone like Raze who can destroy Killjoy’s tools can prove troublesome. Not to mention Sova, who can probably spot Killjoy without even entering a site. Even then, Killjoy can prove to be a solid defensive Sentinel like Sage and Cypher.

After Killjoy, we can expect an attacking based or aggressive agent. Too much emphasis on defense doesn’t quite stick well in Valorant. After all, the devs at Riot Games had said that gun-play will always be the main focus in Valorant.

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