Lord Shiva Joins Smite as Season 9 is Coming Soon

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With Smite Season 9 just around the corner, Hi-Rez Studios couldn’t have timed the huge Shiva reveal any better.

Even the most casual Smite fans know that Shiva has arguably been the most requested God for Smite for years now. Especially with the controversies surrounding the portrayal of Hindu Gods in Smite, the inclusion of Shiva was considered something of a far cry. But of course, this awesome teaser reveal of Shiva put every doubt to rest:

Shiva – The Destroyer

With the trailer dropping just a few days ago, speculations regarding Shiva’s abilities are still fresh. However, it is a popular guess that Shiva may be a Physical based God. This can especially be the case since the latest entry, Atlas, is a Guardian. By looking at datamining records, Shiva could be a Warrior who can greatly aid his team or change the course of team fights in a big way. This could align perfectly with his character, which leans towards creation as much as destruction.

Shiva Abilities Speculation

This Reddit post has a bunch of artworks of Shiva as well as a couple of Ganesha, who’s Shiva’s son in Hindu mythology. However, let’s take a look at a couple here:

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Full body model of Shiva
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Weapons and Armor

With each piece of armor and weapons deconstructed, it is easier to judge how the God will function in the game. For instance, the datamining suggests Shiva to have a deployable ability. Given how famous the snake resting on Shiva’s shoulder is, there is a high chance it might come into play. The snake represents Ego, which roughly means Hubris, a concept mentioned frequently in mythology across the globe.

From what we see in the teaser, Shiva is portrayed as quite the wise and peaceful God, though his title reads “The Destroyer”. It will be interesting to see how the team handles both sides of Shiva.

Future Gods

While the Lord Shiva reveal was the most exciting, Smite has much more lined up for you for Season 9. Shortly after Shiva, we saw this on the official Smite YouTube channel:

Big Things Coming to SMITE 2022

Though not exactly mentioned by name but merely hinted at, theories say that Lancelot or Gawain may join the Arthurian Pantheon. As for the last cinematic scene, the fan-favourite suggestion seems to be the Voodoo Loa known as Maman Brigette. She is similar to Brigid of the Celtic myth and considered as a consort of Baron Samedi.

Shiva will join the likes of Kali, Rama, Ravana, Agni, and more on February of 2022.

SMITE World Championship Season 8

There’s more! With Season 9 approaching close, we just witnessed the conclusion of SMITE World Championship. The LATAM team, Atlantis Leviathans, ended up lifting Thor’s hammer (SMITE’s equivalent of the trophy) and rather comfortably with a straight 3-0 win over Tartarus Titans. Leviathan’s Panitom was an absolute delight to watch as his performance with Gilgamesh was key for the team’s victory.

This also makes Zapman the only 3-time championship winner in Smite so far.

Hi-Rez Studios have now planned two Masters events for the future, one being the SMITE World Championship 2023 and an All-Stars Invitational added to the roster. Smite Season 9 is looking exciting with new Gods, maps, items, and more.

You can join the Smite Season 9 craziness for free from your PC and consoles now.

Ammar Kachwala

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