Innovative Companies Besides Tesla You Should Follow

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“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

– William Blake

Don’t we all love innovation? One could say that love makes the heart of the world go round while innovation makes the mind of the world go round.

Tesla is an innovative company known for masterfully executing the most ingenious of technological ideas and business plans. Model S, Solar Roof, Model Y, etc. are some examples of cutting-edge innovation. Thus, Tesla stands as a motivational library for budding engineers and entrepreneurs. So we’ve brought to you a few companies that showcase brilliant innovations in their own style. Follow them and learn, folks!

Monster Beverage Corporation

Let’s kick off this article with a marketing beast. Monster Beverage is an eye-candy both in product aesthetics and in the sheer variety of drinks they offer. Additionally, each of their product lines capitalizes upon their intended niche. For instance, Monster Energy is focused and marketed towards the fast and the modern. Hence, gigantic e-sports competitions, hardcore EDM concerts, and thrilling sports like Formula 1 are its domain.


Monster’s innovative branding pushes its products into every market sphere be it music, sports, or even the traditional everyday kind of juices. It is worth noting that Monster goes a few steps further into every niche they invest in. Athletes are endorsed and featured by Monster. They also create exhilarating montages for their athletes that can be found on YouTube.

Elite gaming personalities and teams often receive the best gear and sponsorships from the company. These types of specialized marketing strategies create the right kind of buzz for the product while strengthening loyalties with all other parties involved. Follow them and get to know how cool branding and marketing can be.

No wonder Monster Beverage Corporation has one of the highest market shares in energy drinks.

Boston Dynamics

If you wanted to build Iron Man, Boston Dynamics is where you’d go. Boston Dynamics is all about creating comprehensive robots that can tackle industrial tasks. One of their popular robots called Spot secured a job position at an Oil and Gas factory. Moreover, the Massachusetts State Police has shown interest in having Spot join their bomb squad. While this particular news was met with controversy, the capabilities and potential of these robots remain undeniable.


Spot, Atlas, Handle, etc are some of their robots. All with different sizes, shapes, and abilities. Make sure to head over to their YouTube channel, BostonDynamics, to witness the innovation through your own eyes. Follow them for and into the future!


Talk about simple and elegant. Tieks is a footwear brand that blends comfort and style into their shoes to the maximum effect. Their shoes literally fold into halves. Take a look :


This flexibility factor is their innovation as well as their unique selling point. Add to that their Monster-like branding and you are looking at one of the most innovative companies in the consumer and retail market. Tieks has a solid social media presence through which they progress forward with their goal of empowering women. Tieks is a brand that has found its niche and knows how to appeal to them. Follow them to see how effective product designs, friendly brand image, and simple innovation can win people over.


Nvidia, every PC gamer’s true sweetheart! Not only is Nvidia a powerhouse in the gaming industry but also in robotics, cars, healthcare, etc. Nvidia has managed to shake the tech industry with each passing year and is continuing to do so with their latest Ray Tracing technology.


To put it simply, Ray Tracing emulates the behavior of lights, shadows, reflections, etc of real life. Thus, it is dynamic rather than static. This creates much more realistic scenes and enhances the already engaging navigation of these virtual worlds. Ray Tracing is a boon to architecture and engineering as well due to its functions. Check out Nvidia’s Ray Tracing compilation featuring Battlefield V. It honestly looks at least as brilliant as any war movie if not better.

Besides this, it wouldn’t do it justice to highlight just a particular product from Nvidia as they have a plethora of others, each as innovative as the next. I used Ray Tracing as an example mostly because it has progressed further recently. Although, the entire history of Nvidia and its innovations is worth getting into for anyone really.

Dollar Shave Club

Imagine if all your grooming needs were handled by your gym buddy. That’s Dollar Shave Club for you. First an initiative, then a company, and now partnered with Unilever, Dollar Shave Club has been unstoppable since its inception. Why? A clear vision and direct marketing style. Dollar Shave Club’s introductory video is an appealing business pitch disguised as a comedy skit.

Michael Dublin, founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, basically wanted to make shaving convenient through better accessibility. Through innovative subscription and delivery plans and funny marketing they achieved that. Dollar Shave Club’s consumer-focused and disruptive business model is an idea we can all learn from.


Sonos is the hardware version of Spotify. They create versatile sound systems capable of delivering high-quality sounds in any terrain. Their smoothly designed wireless speakers can fit into any spot in your living room and can be operated by remotes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, apps, and anything else imaginable. Also, you could buy multiple speakers that work in complements for creating an entire sound environment like a home theater.


Sonos thrives on innovation as evidenced from their cutting-edge music technology. Their way of bringing together brilliant designers and creative artists is a perfect stroke of creation. This is what Internet of Things can bring about.


There’s no introduction needed for the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Same goes for Nike. However, Adidas makes it on this list for its ability to make breakthroughs under pressure. For instance, Boost from Adidas. Basically well-crafted sneakers popularized by the likes of Kanye West. It is not an understatement to say that sneakers have gone beyond businesses; they represent culture.


Adidas is the perfect mixture of style and technology. 3-D printing, smart apps, celebrity affiliations, motion-capture, etc are just a few technologies and techniques that Adidas has at its disposal to deliver the best shoe possible. Check out Adidas’ AM4 series.



This medical care company provides dialysis products and services to hospitals. Their innovative products can adapt to any patient-related situations including home set-up machines. Their medical care is certainly personalized. Fresenius strives for smart products available at affordable prices. They provide services to more than 150 countries and have a large network of around 4000 clinics.

They are aiming towards achieving greater sustainability for the future. Overall, Fresenius is an up and coming company that definitely has to be on your radar.

Ammar Kachwala

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