Castlevania Season 3 Out Sooner Than You Think

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When it comes to video game adaptations onto the small screen, one could say that they should remain as games, rather than series. Movies suffer from this as well, yet the new Sonic the Hedgehog might be a breakthrough, as much as we wouldn’t like to admit it. The Witcher had its own findings on Netflix, but the adaptation is clearly based on the books and not the games. So, where does Castlevania sit then?

Well, after its short, yet marvelous first season, fans got a taste of things to come. It was was a no-brainer that a second one would be coming, and it did. It became one of the best original series Netflix produced, and it showed no signs of stopping. Naturally, such success would garner followups, and would you look at that, it did. The official trailer for the third season is already up, so we naturally get into it, examining all the small details.


Castlevania was never a series just focused on Dracula. Yes, he was the main antagonist throughout the series, but never the sole bad guy in it. The main appeal is its monster, being pulled from every known literary form, from werewolves to vampires. Now that Dracula is dead as of the second season, who remains to take up the role of the primary baddie? Why, his deranged cousin Carmilla of course.

Whereas Vlad’s motives are those of a sorrowful man, lashing out in rage, Carmilla is no such character. She hates the living and wishes nothing more than to rule over them. Learning this before taking on the mantel of the main antagonist, realizing that Vlad’s motive is nothing more than that of a fractured man, instead of a tyrant. She fills these shoes, with her own set of minions, all having the same goal.

But the villains aren’t the only change here. Even though father dearest is now 6 feet underground, Alucard can’t seem to shake the feeling that something still haunts Wallachia. He is seen sort of training an apprentice, possibly sensing Carmilla’s arrival. Meanwhile, we see the lovable duo tearing across the country, whipping all kinds of baddies. After their team up in the season’s finale, Sypha and Trevor seem like a genuine power-couple. We even hope that by the end of the season, these two finally get together. After all, Trevor must continue the Belmont bloodline, so what better way than marrying a sorceress?

Devil Forgemasters?

One glaring aspect that raised many questions, rather than answers, is the whole idea of the Devil Forgemasters. Being a pivotal part of the Castlevania lore, the second season introduced two significant characters – Hector and Isaac. Both humans, being in servitude to Dracula and dabbling in the dark arts. Yet, they never got to anything important with these characters. Hector was captured by Carmilla near the series finale, while Isaac just teleported away.

Hector is our primary concern here for all those familiar with the video game series. In the game Curse of Darkness, he serves as Trevor’s companion, in bringing down his former master. It is also apparent that he is probably meant to do the same here. Yet one cannot ask himself, how is he going to manage that, being in captivity like a wild dog.

Isaac, on the other hand, is teleported away by the big vampire lord, to save him from the wrath of the protagonists. So, where does he send him? Into a desert. Isacc is fanatically loyal to his lord, and it can be seen through the series. He will possibly try and resurrect his fallen master, through some means, yet is still unclear how.

One thing that does strike me odd is that they appear to coincide with some Asian themes. Like, Asian vampires wearing shogun armors. Its wild, crazy, and I love it and would like to see his character progress more, rather than just being a lap dog for his superior. Also, let him grow his emo red hair from the video game.

castlevania season 3
Official Artwork

The Beginning of Proper Video Game Adaptations?

It is an outstanding blow the producer, Adi Shankar,  made with this series. Castlevania could be considered the official, proper first adaptation of a video game into a TV series. The man is the Hideo Kojima of his business, innovating with different styles of animation. Everything looks smooth and pure, and although he plays with mostly darker tones, it is intentional. We still await to see what more he brings to the table in this next season.

It is his work that also inspired a more animated adaptation of video games. Adi himself went on in an interview about how he plans on giving Devil May Cry a spin, and doing an original series as well. Netflix also recently acquired rights from Blizzard, for creating Diablo and Overwatch series.

Though I’ve been less excited to see anything from Blizzard, for decades now. On the plus side, Netflix seems to have found its foot in the entertainment world, especially with the upcoming release of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf animated movie. It’s fair to say that more might be coming, yet the question is what, and when? We can absolutely say that Netflix might be a prime nominee for their creation, as seen by this.

Release Date

For hardened fans of the game and TV series, fear not as you will not have to wait long to watch the third season. The date was vague, way back as of December of last year. But thanks to the show’s director, Sam Deats, we now have an official day, via Twitter. Castlevania’s thirds season will be available on March 5th, 2020, which is a few weeks from now. I will definitely watch it, the moment it comes out, and you can be sure that a full review will be covered here on Fiction Talk. Until then, happy hunting.

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