Obversion is the Upcoming Diversion for your Resolutions

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What’s an Obversion?

An obversion is an overcomplicated way of saying that “All potatoes are not human” is the same as “No humans are potatoes.” The phrase gets flipped, but remains accurate. What does that have to do with gaming? Other than a confusing vocabulary word from a master’s degree English class, Obversion is the first game of Adrian Marple. Marple, a former Google employee, has traded search engines for game engines and is now releasing his first title. As expected of a game with a complex title, Obversion is an indie puzzle game coming to break in the new year.


How puzzling are the puzzles, you may ask? That depends on the brains, and depth perception, of the players. A 3D, 1st person, platformer puzzle will remind players of Portal while maintaining a unique persona. Video previews and screenshots show a psychedelic world of cubes that serves to be quite the optical illusion. That, or I need better glasses. True to the definition, Obversion has a distinct yin and yang theme that explores the nature of duality. Just like the classic age of gaming, Obversion consists of multiple levels with ascending difficulty. Despite being labeled as a platformer, Obversion makes use of an auto jump feature that walks the edge of the definition.

Is Obversion a Good Diversion?

Marple left his job at Google, one of the definitive internet companies in existence, to pursue a risky career in gaming. While Marple has the technical skills to back up such an endeavor, it’s unknown whether his gamble will pay off. Puzzle games, while a niche genre, have generally been met with success in the past. Tetris is, after all, one of the best selling games in history. Only time can tell Adrian Marple’s fate. Fortunately, the wait won’t be long because the game is due to be released via Steam on January 28th. Obversion is the first of many new games to grace the new decade, so let’s hope that the new year can start off on a high note.


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