Gear Up for the Hunt with Predator: Hunting Grounds

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Predator Stalks Onto the Scene

What is the most primal feeling video games bring us? Is it the feeling of community or is it perhaps the biological need to succeed? Neither. I’m talking about senseless violence. As functioning members of civilized society, we don’t connect to our barbaric urges to hunt and conquer. Video games are that violent outlet that prevents us from being serial killers. The Predator: Hunting Grounds is coming to fulfill that need. Skulking through the wilderness of the ’80s to the start of the 2020s, he’s ready to pounce! This time, he even brought a lady friend.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, much like Evolve or Friday the 13th. If you’re not familiar with either game, an asymmetrical multiplayer game involves a group of human players in a team against a lone player. Unfair? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Be the Predator, the unchallenged greatest hunter in the galaxy. Play as a male or female and pick what class to humiliate your friends with. Choose to be a Scout with extra stamina, a Hunter with balanced stats, or the brutal Berserker who is all about raw attack. Also, gadgets! Get a shoulder-mounted plasma caster, a cloaking device, a retractable spear, smart discs, a bow, and more as you tear apart the competition. What does the opposing team have to balance the fight? Just basic rifles. Ouch.

Hide the Kids

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a very violent and very gory game of mayhem. From ripped out spines to decapitated heads, you’ll never leave the battlefield without a grisly trophy. The Predator is an alien biologically designed to kill and he, or she, won’t shy away from a little mess. Parents are advised to ensure that they’re comfortable with violence before giving Little Timmy future PTSD. Games aren’t responsible for violent behavior, but if you subscribe to that ideology, then be sure to watch this game.

The Predator’s Arrival

Originally planned to be a PS4 exclusive, Illfonic has since decided to include PC as well. Xbox fans will have to wait to see if the game ever crosses platforms, but it’s doubtful. For the rest of the world with superior consoles (you can fight me), Predator: Hunting Grounds will be arriving as early as April 20th of 2020. Don’t be prey; be a Predator.


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