Get Tricked or Treated in the WoW Classic Hallow’s End Event

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For many of us, October is the month of scares, good-natured pranks, and tons of candy! Azeroth is no exception. Celebrate the holiday in full-on WoW Classic style with some trick or treating, apple bobbing, and a brand-spanking-new event-only questline.

WoW Classic gold, excitement, and more adventures await!

Trick or Treating

No October is complete without trick or treating! Every hour, you can ask innkeepers the classic question. If you get tricked, you’ll be transformed into a frog, kitten, human ghost, skeleton, snake, or a mini-Diablo for a few minutes. You can’t cancel the effect, but it’ll wear off in about two minutes, which is a short enough wait. Otherwise, you can transform into a bat, Leper Gnome, Assassin, Pirate, Skeleton or Wisp. These costumes can be clicked off.

Getting treated will reward you with some candy, Flimsy Masks, or Hallowed Wands. The candy can be different (Candy Corn, Lollipop, or Candy Bar) but the effects are the same. Flimsy Masks are exactly that, masks for other races that will probably fool no one. They’re good fun in the spirit of the holiday, though. The wand lets you grant a costume to an allied character for a few minutes. Good for spreading the cheer of the event!

Apple Bobbing

Well, there’s no mini-game or anything for it, but you can click the pools for 5 Bobbing Apples. These restore health over 24 seconds. Eating one for more than 10 seconds will grant you a stamina and spirit buff equivalent to a quarter of your level.


There’s one where you collect candies to give to an orphan. What you will need to do and to who depends on which faction you’re on. There are four NPCs and actions to perform, and once you’ve collected the treats, go back to the child to complete the quest.

Then there’s also the Wickerman Festival. Enjoy the festivities with these quests and the mayhem you could cause. For even more chaos, there are Stink Bomb quests, where you have to drop stink bombs on the Alliance’s festivities. If you’re one of the victims instead, you can volunteer to clean up.

Some PvP quests are also available for you to do. Alliance characters have to crash the Wickerman Festival, while Horde players have to spoil brew kegs in Southshore Inn.


While the event is active, you can get the Invocation of the Wickerman buff, which increases your regeneration of both health and mana. It also boosts your stamina by 25% for two whole hours. Methods of acquiring it depend on your faction again, as Horde members can loot ashes from the Wickerman statue from 8 PM to 6 AM. Alliance avatars have to defeat a Wickerman Guardian for embers that grant it. It will be a difficult fight for solo players, so bring your friends to the fight!

Enjoy the Celebration!

The last interesting thing that can happen during the event is that level 50 and higher undead creatures can drop Pumpkin Bags. The bags aren’t unique so you can hold as many as you like. They have 16 slots to increase your inventory.

That’s pretty much all the gnarly things you can do while the Hallow’s End event is ongoing. It’ll be here until the first of November, so indulge now and don’t miss the opportunity! You only have a few days left before it ends. Hurry up and get the most of the seasonal cheer.

Have fun in the festivities of WoW Classic!

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