WoW Classic Speed Leveling Strategies For Beginners

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The race is on! Rumors abound that whoever gets to level 60, the level cap, in WoW Classic will get the latest expansion for World of Warcraft for free. The promotion post has been deleted, but there are expectations that it will return. This guide will help you get there quick for when it does. We’ll tackle general tips and strategies for all your WoWc power leveling needs.

Simple Speed Leveling Techniques

Be efficient. Use your mana in short bursts, keep all your skills on cooldown. You’re not using your full combat potential if you’re not using your skills and the resources they require. Efficiency also kicks in with how you go about leveling. Try to have a purpose in going to areas.

For example, you can take several quests and try to do them all in one go. It’s ideal if they all want you to go to the same areas. Second best is being able to do them along the way while going to a certain destination. In extreme cases of not knowing what to do, just go on grinding for levels where you are while you figure out your next move.

Your next move might depend on your level. After passing level 30, grinding is faster supplemented by questing. When you get to level 48, questing will start getting faster again. Weigh your options and don’t spend too long doing one thing. You need to balance both.

Always make sure you’re doing something. Use the auto-run feature when traveling long distances. Either you can use that time to level up First Aid or take a break for your physical needs. Limit going back to towns for inventory management or learning talents. Destroy what you don’t need to sell so you can have more space. You will have to go back to turn in quests, so go get your skills when you do.

Focus on leveling. Don’t do dungeon quests as they’re too spread out and will eat up your time. Pick First Aid as a profession, and move on only when you’re at max level. As for why that is, they will take up precious time you can spend getting experience. If you’re going with a healer class you can skip this part altogether.

Make use of the ‘Rested’ XP. Logging out in a safe zone gives you the ‘Rested’ status. While under its effects, you get boosted XP and various other bonuses. Having an alternate character can help in making use of this.

Information is Your Friend

Efficient levelers are those with a plan. To plan effectively, you need information. The first thing you should look up is race and class synergy. When those two have good compatibility, you can be more efficient than the same class of a different race. You might want to pick a less popular race so you can avoid traffic as you start out, and then match a class. Otherwise, you can do the exact opposite.

After that, you should make the backbone of your plan. Get to know the level grinding areas, quests, and talents for your class and race. Going back to the first tip, this will help you be efficient since you know where you’re going next, what quests to do, and what skills to get. Include the equipment and consumables you need to have at certain points to keep up combat potential.

That’s not to say that it will all go according to plan, because it hardly ever does. The best thing to do is to be flexible and try to adapt to whatever happens. Maybe it’s something IRL or maybe you misjudged the timing. You’ll be set back a little, but keep at it and you’ll reach level60 in no time.

Add-ons can also help you with information gathering, among other stuff. If you’re a long-time World of Warcraft fan, you probably have some idea about which ones to download. As for beginners, check out other guides and recommendations, and figure out what you need and prefer from there. They can also be a good time-filler for loading screens or long travel.

Additional Notes

Guides are suggestions you can take heed of. You don’t have to follow them word for word, as what works for others might not work for you. You can have a general idea of what to do though, and you’re free to do what you prefer. The same goes for WoW Classic gold farming guides and quest guides. As mentioned, research is important if you want to be efficient, so you’ll still be reading them to figure out what you need to do.

Lastly, your priority should be enjoying the game. There is still the chance the promotion isn’t real. As long as you enjoyed the journey, whether you get the reward or not is less important. If you do, that’s the icing on the cake. If not, well, at least you have a max level character.

With that said, enjoy WoW Classic!

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