Summerfall Studios Teases Details of Their Upcoming Title

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Summerfall Studios: A Mystery

Summerfall Studios is the fledgling company helmed by ex-Bioware employee David Gaider and Liam Esler. Officially announced on Twitter on September 19th, much to my utter elation. Despite some personal bias regarding my intense love for Bioware and its former writer, I will only present the current facts available. There hasn’t been any news regarding their new projects, although the company hasn’t been around long. Their first game was announced to be in production last week, but no details were given. There’s been no title, art, characters, or anything else revealed. All that could be said was that the mystery title would tear out our hearts.

Summerfall Studios: The Tease

Oh, how will anxious fans (like me) stand the wait? A week ago, Liam Esler announced on the Summerfall Studios official Twitter that they would show off a character if the company could get 1000 subscribers in only seven days. As of today, that milestone has been reached. Subscribers were shown two characters instead of one, but they were not given a name. They are accompanied by a small blurb from writer David Gaider himself. Gaider goes on to illustrate their importance to the player character. The original deal was for the reward of a character, but the fans were given two due to the immense support they showed the new studio.

A Hiccup

While all may seem secure, an announcement to reject unionization by Kickstarter has shocked the studio, who were planning to use the crowdfunding platform to help launch their first title. Unwilling to back the platform’s policy, Summerfall Studios consequently backed out and is now pursuing other avenues of crowdfunding. A decision hasn’t been announced, which is worrying considering the original plan was to unveil the campaign during PAX Australia. Summerfall Studios has promised to give an answer regarding their plans moving forward sometime between October 10th or 11th.

Summerfall Studios: The Reveal

Regardless of the studio’s decision on a crowdfunding platform, the company has not changed its intention to hold its grand, official reveal at PAX Australia on October 12th at the Gamespot Theater. For those unable to attend, the event will be streamed on Twitch. Treating their work as art instead of a product reflects in the company itself. Theirs is one story that I intend to bookmark and follow in the days ahead.


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