Warcraft 3 Remaster Updates Graphics, Story, Gameplay, and More

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Rumors surrounding a possible remastered version of Warcraft 3 have been floating around for years but they were mainly considered wishful thinking until recently. Now, it’s safe to say that there was some truth behind those rumors after all as Blizzard finally confirmed that the game is indeed happening and will be known as Warcraft Reforged. Not only that but it seems like this isn’t just a regular Warcraft 3 remaster either. In addition to improved visuals, the upcoming title will also feature rebalanced gameplay, updated cutscenes, and even a few changes to the storyline. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Unveiled officially at Blizzcon 2018, Warcraft Reforged is being designed from the ground up as a modern reimagining of Blizzard’s classic RTS, Warcraft 3. Much like Starcraft Remastered, the game will be available on Battle.net and will benefit from some quality of life improvements. These include a better map editor, cross-play between Reforged and the original Warcraft 3, and more. The visuals have also been significantly improved, both in-game and during cutscenes. Fans of Blizzard cinematics (aka everyone) will be happy to know that Reforged offers over four hours of updated cutscenes.

Prepare for Certain Changes to the Gameplay and Storyline

In terms of gameplay, Warcraft Reforged will be identical to the original apart from a few changes here and there. Blizzard didn’t feel the need to preserve the exact gameplay of the original as they did with Starcraft Remastered. Instead, the developers decided to implement a number of balance changes to units, heroes, and buildings. The full extent of these changes is unclear at this time but we do know that all the rebalancing will transfer over to the original Warcraft 3 once Reforged launches.

Speaking of changes, Blizzard confirmed that the storyline will also be a little bit different. This is primarily due to World of Warcraft. A lot has happened since 2002 when Warcraft 3 was launched and WoW shaped certain characters in ways that Blizzard couldn’t anticipate back then. Characters like Jaina and Sylvanas have become crucial to the Warcraft universe over the years but they didn’t get much attention in the original Warcraft 3. Blizzard wants to change all that. Presumably, the story will still focus on the likes of Arthas, Thrall, and Illidan, but expect to see more of certain side characters as well.

Release Window and Price

Despite being a remastered version of Warcraft 3, Reforged is being sold as a standalone product. The game is already available to pre-order for $30 or your regional equivalent from the Blizzard shop. In addition to the Standard edition, there’s also a $40 “Spoils of War” Edition up for grabs. In classic Blizzard style, this version includes various digital goodies for some of their other games. We’re looking at a World of Warcraft pet Hearthstone card back, and free heroes for Heroes of the Storm. Pretty much the standard deal.

Warcraft Reforged is scheduled to launch sometime during 2019 for PC and Mac. The game includes the original Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos as well as its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne.

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