Unbound: Worlds Apart – Creative Puzzle Platformer Takes Kickstarter by Storm, Comes to PC and Switch

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Update: The developers just added a new stretch goal – extra creatures if and when the campaign reaches $35K.

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Unbound: Worlds Apart, an upcoming puzzle platformer developed by Alien Pixel Studios, is taking Kickstarter by storm. Having just achieved its goal of $25,000 on 27 May 2019, the game continued to gain supporters on Kickstarter. The campaign reached $30,000 the very next day, meaning that the first stretch goal was met and the game will eventually be ported to Switch. Currently, the developers have not informed its backers about further stretch goals.

The developers of Unbound: Worlds Apart shared their hopes for the bright future of the game in a recent update and thanked all of their backers. Sergiu Craitoiu and Olga Ciob, the people behind the game, expressed their wish to bring Unbound to Nintendo Switch, which is now just a matter of time. The release of Unbound is planned for Spring 2020.

Unbound: Worlds Apart Overview

The Romanian visionaries behind Unbound: Worlds Apart created a dark fairytale world. Players will take on the role of Soli, a mage capable of conjuring magical portals to other worlds where nothing is the same. Smart players can utilize those magical capabilities of the protagonist to solve different puzzles and to learn about the corruption that ravaged Soli’s magical world. Players have to be careful because not all portals contain friendly creatures. In fact, some puzzles seem to require the player to enter more dangerous realities to solve them. If you want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out our previous article about it.

Unbound: Worlds Apart currently has a demo version available for its backers, so if you want to try the game in its early stages – you can do so by supporting the developers. The campaign will go on for 8 more days. According to the developers of Unbound, the game is only 50% finished so it still has a long way before release.

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