Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass End Date Announced by Riot

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The first part of the Teamfight Tactics’ Beta Pass is finally winding up. Riot Games have recently announced that the last day to earn points and claim your rewards is July 29. Some regions had this system implemented earlier so their Beta Pass will be over as early as July 23 for Japan. Riot Games have warned that if you do not claim the rewards before the end date, they will be lost forever, so hurry up and get all those arena skins before they disappear. For more details on each server’s Beta Pass end date check out Riot’s official announcement page.

However, TFT’s beta is far from over. In the same post, Riot mentions the beginning of the second chapter of the Beta Pass. It will start with the arrival of League of Legends’ patch 9.16 – which is not too far off. For now, Riot have expressed their desire to give out more free stuff, so the second chapter of the Beta Pass is probably going to be free as well.

As the game is still quite early in development, Riot Games encourages its player to give more feedback about the game and the Beta Pass system. The players delivered in the comments: they are quite satisfied with the gameplay so far but some elements require refining. First of all, there are tons of bugs that require fixing. Secondly, players are extremely displeased with the current quest system. Specifically, the “Play X of this or that class” type of quests are a point of contention.

Players argue that those lock them off from playing what they actually want to. Finally, players called the ways of obtaining Little Legends “blatant cash-grabs”. While all kinds of loot boxes are still present in League of Legends there are also ways of directly buying the skins or characters you want. In TFT this is sadly not the case.

What do you think about Teamfight Tactics and its Beta Pass? Share with us in the comments and do not forget to send constructive feedback to Riot Games.

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