Moon Knight – Episode 3 Review : Really damn good

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After watching in the second episode of the Moon Knight I was disengaged a bit form the show. So much that i have no written a review for it last week. Because even though the episode was fine it seemed very meandering and slow. As mentioned in the review of my first episode i thought that the show was good but toned down and the 2nd episode feels very much like that. But the 3rd episode picks back right up with its action and story. While the show still has its problems it is getting pretty good. Also this will be full of spoilers for the start of the episode.

*Mild-Spoilers from Here*

*Mild-Spoilers from Here*
Mr. Knight

The episodes starts with us following Marc as he chases some of followers of Ammit. The action is fun with pretty good choreography. But it still feels as if its pulling punches being under the MCU. The action does feel like it is supposed to be way more brutal than what is being shown. And it personally messes with the tone of the show.

But the most interesting part of the fight is the fact that Steven is now jumping into the body. Just like mark did in the first episode. This happens through out the episode not just when they are normal but also as Moon Knight. The fight interestingly ends with someone brutally killing them all but it is implied that it not Steven or Marc but rather a third personality.

The trail

With all this we move fast as Khonshu calls upon the gods by blocking the sun. This in turn calls upon all the avatars of gods where a trial is held for Arthur for trying to revive Ammit. This ends up in Arthur exploiting the fact that Marc is mentally ill. It is sad yet really fascinating to see Marc and Steven dismissed for being mentally ill. And all this isn’t even half the episode. I do love how the god are petty and a bit bickering.

I wont recap it more but ya the episode is very snappy and fun. It is damn good at it. There are a lot of fun Action scenes with Moon Knight which are pretty good. But it does seem like the show does not even show blood when it is necessary late. Later in the episode Moon knight gets impaled but it leaves no blood which feels cheap. But the end is damn great leaving me excited for the next episode.

Impaled but no Blood

Final Thoughts

I have similar though to the show as before but way more positive. The story of Moon Knight as picked up and once it gets going its awesome. But it still being held up due to its neutered violence and the lack of Brutality which is implied. Through overall it does leave me excited for the next episodes of the show.



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