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Frost Lotus is a herb used for Alchemy and Tailoring bags in the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) expansion. It requires 450 herbalism to be gathers, and can only be found within Northrend, in Wintergrasp and The Conservatory of Life. When gathering Frost Lotus, you also have a 7.5% chance to gather and additional Frost Lotus.

You may see Frozen Herbs when venturing out in the frozen wastes, these are not to be confused with Frost Lotus. You cannot obtain Frost Lotus from a Frozen Herb spawn. This item also cannot be milled with inscription, which makes it unique among all other herbs in Northrend.

Frost Lotus Farming Route

There are two main sources of Frost Lotus in WOTLK:

  • Gather a different herb within Northrend, have a chance to get Frost Lotus
  • Find actual Frost Lotus nodes within Northrend

Since you can actually find Frost Lotus nodes within Wintergrasp, here is our suggested farming route:

What is Frost Lotus Used For?

Crafted Item Reagents Profession
Emerald Bag 4x Moonshroud
6x Frost Lotus
Tailoring (435)
Flask of Endless Rage Alchemy (450)
Flask of Pure Mojo Alchemy (450)
Flask of Stoneblood Alchemy (450)
Flask of the Frost Wyrm Alchemy (450)
Flask of the North Alchemy (450)
Indestructible Alchemist Stone Alchemy (450)
Mercurial Alchemist Stone Alchemy (450)
Mighty Alchemist Stone Alchemy (450)
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