Abyss Dungeon Bonus Reward – Is It Worth It?

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Have you ever wondered if it was worth it to spend the extra gold on the Scar of Abyss Chest at the end of your Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark? The tool presented here was originally developed by Reddit User Kashi1988. We have used our Auction House pricing information (see our Lost Ark Auction House Companion) to auto update this spreadsheet for you. Now you will always know based on current auction house prices, if it is worth it to spend your gold on reward chests.

It is worth noting, make sure you are on a character that can actually use the materials that come in the bonus chest. The honing materials in the chest will be bound, so don’t expect to sell those to make profit. This is best done when the character is in the proper tier to match the reward level.

In the below data, use the “Value” column to determine if it is worth choosing the bonus chest. If it is green and positive, it is worth it! You can see the total cost of the chest on the left side, and the total current value of expected rewards on the right end of the table.

NA East Abyssal Dungeon Bonus Chest – Is It Worth It?

EU Central – EUC Abyss Dungeon Gold Chest – Is It Worth It?

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