Lost Ark Crafting Profitability Companion

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Each post below contains:

  • Historical Regional Price Graphs for the Crafted Item, it’s required Materials, and the Profit based on each days average sale prices.
  • A breakdown of the Profit from the past 24 hours.
  • A Calculator that allows you to enter the Selling Price of the item and the cost of it’s materials and it will calculate how much Profit it will theoretically make.*
    • Profit per hour: Enter the amount of Crafting Slots and the Time Reduction Percentage to calculate the Profit per hour* generated by crafting this item.

Currently under development… Stay tuned!

We are working to make a calculator for every crafted item that can be sold on the Auction House and will update these links when they get completed!

Combat Supplies – Crafting Companion

Cooking – Crafting Companion

Enhancement Materials – Crafting Companion

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2 thoughts on “Lost Ark Crafting Profitability Companion”

    • Yes, the calculation is a bit convoluted. We’re updating these now. Please see the disclaimer: when listing items for sale between 2-10g you must subtract 1g per item as the auction house fee.

      The calculations should be accurate now.


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