7 Most Toxic Champions in League of Legends

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Admit it, how many times have you played against a champion that made you want to pull all your hair off your head and break the keyboard in a fit of rage? Countless, probably. The League of Legends community may not be overly friendly and inside this global community, you can indeed find all sorts of toxic players, but what many players will agree on is a few champions who are so annoying that they should be kicked out of the game. Indeed at least five comes to mind. Here we will mention the seven that are the most toxic, of course, and you can always supplement the list with your own choice.

We may hate them for their abilities, maybe they are old and need a rework, maybe they are hard to kill during team fights, maybe they have lots of crowd-control. We can list all the reasons, and we will always be able to find a few more. One thing is for sure – we do not want them in the enemy team. These are the seven most toxic League of Legends champions.

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Ohh, cute little Teemo! Too cute, with its maps, soft fur, and little boots. Don’t be fooled; Teemo has held the first place on the throne of the most toxic League of Legends champions for years. His poisonous darts blind everyone who comes near it, and because of his invisible mushrooms, every lane soon becomes a minefield. It’s even worse to know that this cute little creature is killing you and that if it gets strong, the chances of stopping him are kept to a minimum. The only advice is to try to avoid his darts and drive him into a corner before planting his poisonous mushrooms, which will make life difficult for your entire team. We can say with certainty that Teemo is a classic troll of this game, a little ball of fur ready to sweep you in front of him in a very short time. Oh, did we mention how much we hate him?



The title for the most annoying hooker in the League of Legends goes to Blitzcrank. Totally deserved, if we may say so. Blitzcrank, the support you can find in the bottom lane, and his hook that will pull you into his jaws in a second, and also the jaws of his ADC champion. Blitzcrank has a hook that is tricky for long-time League of Legends players, as well as for those new ones who naively approach Blitzcrank themselves to cast a spell on him. Naive little things, they will soon learn. Tip: don’t come near him, be careful when he throws his hook, and hope that there is someone to help you if this mechanical creature catches you after all.



Shaco is anything but a harmless clown, trust us. This Master of Deception can easily deceive his enemies. Hidden in the jungle, he waits for the right moment to snap anyone who is careless enough to ignore Shaco’s ability to gank. And when you think you can attack him, Shaco surprises you with his twin brother, another Shaco who shows up and confuses opponents. While you’re fighting the fake Shaco, the real Shaco has already escaped. He can throw daggers in your direction, disappear in the blink of an eye, and do it all while laughing in your face at the same time. We don’t have to go on to explain why Shaco is so hated, but we have to admit that he is very intelligent, so if you want the whole League of Legends community to hate you, you can try playing with this evil clown. If you do decide to try out him, here’s the best jungle path for Shaco

4. Yasuo


Yasuo and his stupid tornadoes. Yasuo is a champion you don’t want to see in full force. When Yasuo gets fed up enough, he becomes a killing machine and can kill your entire team with great ease. Also, he is a very mobile champion, so you have to do your best to aim and hit him. His Windwall blocks all incoming abilities while he simultaneously annoys his opponents with his tornadoes which over time become really annoying. Yasuo is not a tough champion to play, and you just need a few games to learn how which ability works and to learn how to annoy your opponents properly.

5. Heimerdinger


Well, we have nothing to say about this crazy, eccentric, and tricky Professor. Like Teemo, we can classify him as a classic League of Legends troll champion. His innovative mini projectiles prevent enemy champions from approaching him; otherwise, they will be slowed down and maybe dead. Also, you never know which ult Heimerdinger will choose and how it will hit you; you will be happy if you avoid the bullet. Literally! If you play against Heimerdinger, be careful to destroy his faithful turrets first, only then start catching this annoying inventor.

6. Fizz


There is nothing to say about Fizz, except that he is annoying as well as the five champions mentioned above. He jumps; he’s fast and ready to pull a shark out of his sleeve to bite you and potentially kill you. Well done, Fizz! You will usually find him in the mid lane, jumping around and waiting for the opportunity to jump on you. Even if he doesn’t jump, he’ll throw a pool of water around you that you won’t be able to escape, and a shark bite is inevitable. Do you see now why Fizz is on the list of most toxic League of Legends champions?

7. Bard


Are you familiar with the Magical Journey portal? Well, it’s safe. Like Bard, the last champion on the list of most toxic League of Legends champions. Magical Journey is not so magical when you know that by entering the portal, Bard’s allies are waiting for you on the other side and they are ready to kill you and eliminate you from the game. Not so funny, huh? Bard is a pretty confusing champion, even if he plays on your team, and the situation is even worse if Bard is your opponent. All in all, he is annoying, maybe not like Yasuo or Heimerdinger, but something about him really annoys us.

Final thoughts

We have reached the end of the most toxic League of Legends champions list. Well, this list can be supplemented with a few more annoying champions, but we only managed to single out seven. However, not everything is so wrong with these champions. If you know how to play them and learn how to use their abilities properly, you increase the chances of yourself and your team winning. Only it sucks if you play against them; then you have to learn how to control the need to break the keyboard.

The real problem with annoying champions is that they are so contagious to play, so we often find ourselves in a situation to choose Teemo or Yasuo because we know that we increase our chances of winning. However, we are aware that we intentionally troll other players. Toxic players are so good we hate them; that’s what we said, and we aren’t even sorry. If you love playing these champions, congratulations, everyone hates you. Just kidding, as long as you contribute to your team, it’s okay. Good luck and have fun!

James Laight

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