Nongshim RedForce astonished DWG KIA, KT Rolster swept HLE

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Nongshim RedForce upset DWG KIA thanks to an outstanding performance by Dread in the opening series of Week 3 in LCK. Former world champion, Ghost, who joined NS ahead of this season after being considered the weak side of his previous team, also made a thrilling start to the 2022 Spring Split. He looked well enough for NS to take down three times LCK winner, DWG KIA.

LCK 2022 Spring Split Week 2 Day 1 Results

  • Nongshim RedForce 2 — 1 Damwon KIA
  • Hanwha Life Esports 0 — 2 KT Rolster

Nongshim RedForce squeezed the last champion

Game 1

Fans did not expect the first series of Week 3 to be action-packed before NS stunned them in game 1 by overpowering DWG. Nongshim took Hoya, the newest member of the opposite team, under pressure in top lane, and utilized Canna’s ability to smash his opponent.

Even though DWG picked up neutral objectives in the early game, NS won skirmishes led by Dread. They hunted DWG players one by one in different locations of the Summoner’s Rift as Canna found a trouble-free kill over Hoya. At 38. minute mark, NS closed game 1 after winning Baron fight effortlessly.

Game 2 — Damwon was forced

DWG immediately reacted to NS in game 2, though the match almost slipped from their hands. Bdd picked Victor to use his area control ability that caused DWG to be unable to fight comfortably in the previous match. NS grabbed eight kills toward the mid-late game, but the global gold lead was in favor of DWG. 

Showmaker enhanced his map pressure with Twisted Fate after slaying Nashor at 35 minutes. This time Burdol was struggling in top lane instead of Hoya, and he was far from his ideal performance. Aphelios shined at the hands of deokdam, led to DWG victory in another forty-minute match.

Game 3 — Another dominant performance by Dread

In the closing match of this intense series, NS started the early game by collecting kills in top and bot. Canna showed off why any team in the league should not let him play the winning side. Not only did he demolish Burdol in 1 versus 1, but also created moving space for NS in team fights. Dread also ruled over the entire game as he made crucial macro decisions throughout the series.

21-year-old Korean shot caller was always in the right place at the right time, and his compatibility with Peter was promising for the upcoming weeks. NS put an extra effort into the decisive match, secured the mountain soul that could be useful for Poppy, and destroyed the opposite nexus at 39. minute mark.

NS will play against kt Rolster on Friday, 21. The reigning champion DWG will focus on closing up the week with a win against BRO on Saturday, 22. You can catch all the action from LCK’s official Twitch channel.

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