How To Get Children Interested In Reading

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As long as there have been children, encouraging them to read has been a challenge. Reading is important not just in school but also in today’s working world, where so much contact is done digitally through email and text-based messaging platforms. As a result, the ability to read and communicate effectively is critical and should be taught from an early age.

Aside from that, reading for enjoyment gives a plethora of advantages for children as they go through school and into life. Here are some recommendations for parents on how to encourage their children to read and transform a reluctant young reader into an enthusiastic one. 

Make Reading Real

Connect what your kid reads to what is going on in their life. For example, if they are just about to start school, that’s the kind of story you should read them. Or have them read to you. If they’re getting a new sibling, find a book about that. Do they love animals? Then an animal book will help them understand the story more.

If a child can relate what they are reading to their everyday life, they’ll find that reading is much less of a chore. You can even look online and see if there are any activities you can do together that link to the book, helping to have a strong narrative at every step of the way. 

Always Have A Book With You

Bring a kid-friendly book or magazine with you no matter where you are going. You never know when you – and your child – might have to wait somewhere or when they might become bored, and it’s far better to give them a book rather than a video game. And the experience will teach them that you can always find time to read.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush your child when they are reading to you; they need to be able to enjoy reading, not feel as though they’re not doing well at it – if they feel this way, why would they want to pick up a book for fun? Allow plenty of time for your child to sound out a new word, and make sure you reward the effort. Mistakes should be seen as a chance for growth. 

Let Your Child Choose

Every child is going to prefer a different kind of book. This isn’t just the genre; some will like audiobooks, and some will pick comics. Others will want to read on a Kindle or similar device, and still more will enjoy the feel of a real book in their hands. Let your child choose what they like best; it doesn’t matter, as long as they are getting involved in literature in some way. 

Read To Each Other

During storytime, take turns reading aloud. As your child develops as a reader, you can progressively reduce your reading time and allow your child to take the lead more often. If you have smaller children, urge your older child to be responsible for reading to them.

Make Books Special

Children who have difficulty reading will try to avoid doing so since it makes them worry or causes a lot of frustration. To create positive thoughts about reading, make it a reward. Get your little one a library card and make visiting the library a treat, or schedule time for the two of you to read. You can even give books as a reward for hard work or good behavior. 

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