Tips for Protecting Your Back at Work

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Your body is a well-oiled machine. All the systems of your anatomy work together to help you function throughout the day with everything you need to get done. Basically, all these areas connect through your back. This means you need to protect your spine and that part of your body at all costs.

No matter what job you’re doing, there are risks involved for your back and your overall posture. Whether you’re on your feet all day doing heavy lifting or sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable office chair, there are ways to lessen any strain on your back. By protecting this part of your body, you’re eliminating potential issues down the line and helping your body feel healthier during the long hours at work. Consult a professional and look for solutions to ease any pain and discomfort for a happier life at the office. Here are just a few tips and tricks to help you protect your back while you’re at work.

Consult a chiropractor or doctor for tips and exercises

Chiropractors are doctors who specifically help you with your bones, joints, and nerve endings. If you’re experiencing issues with your spine and back, it may be time to consult a professional to help you find some relief. Experts like Dr. Robert Shire have years of experience helping patients get well. You can meet the doctor and explore different services to find the perfect fit for you and your treatment. While an official appointment usually involves a realignment and treatment, they can also give you suggestions and exercises to try on your own. Simple stretches or regular activities can help you find a routine that works for you and alleviates pressure on your back.

Invest in clothes that make you feel comfortable

Depending on your profession, how you dress can affect your body and your spine. If you’re constantly wearing ill-fitting clothing or super high heels, you may be unintentionally throwing your back out of alignment. Don’t tighten anything around your waist or rely on clothes that don’t really fit you. Instead, search for business attire that feels better for your body. Whether that’s classic fit straight leg pants or day-to-day comfort items, your wardrobe can make a difference for your overall comfort.

A huge part of this will be your shoes. Because everything in your body is connected, if you don’t have support from your feet, it can throw your back out. Invest in comfortable shoes or professional insoles that can help you realign your body and take some of the pressure off your back. This is especially important if you’re working a job that involves you being on your feet at all times.

Adjust based on your exact profession

People dress and act differently based on their profession. If you spend all day at the office, the adjustments you’ll make to help your back may be something like a standing desk or a more comfortable chair. Look for ways to monitor your posture while you type at your computer or exercises you can do when you’re on a quick break. On the other hand, for people who work manual labor jobs or anything where you’re on your feet all day, you’ll need different solutions. Look for stretches you can do before work or solid footwear to give you the support you need. Base your back help on the profession you’re involved in.

Listen to your body—if it hurts, don’t do it

One of the most basic pieces of advice for your back health is this: if it hurts, don’t do it. Be in open communication with your supervisors at a manual labor job to tell them when you’re hurting from repetitive activities. Don’t push yourself an extra hour if your body can’t take it. Remember to listen to yourself and take the breaks you need to heal.

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