Dota 2 Tournaments: How to Win Prizes for Getting Better

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According to folk wisdom, “He who climbs the mountain will master the road”. And this is absolutely true, especially in esports. To achieve heights, you need to play a lot, learn, work on yourself, play, play again and play even more. And this applies not just to pubs with friends, but to the most real competitive games like Dota 2. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.

In the game with the largest prize pool in history, in order to get to the annual World Cup, you need to play a hell of a lot of official matches in the group stage of the DPC league. Then, come to the Majors, try to win there, and only then it is possible to get to the coveted Dota 2’s The International. The championship with the biggest prize pool in esports history. Obviously, nothing can be simple in such a system.

Every amateur beginner team wants to reach these heights, and the players have different reasons: someone is seeking fame, someone wants titles, others just need a stable job, and there are people who just need more money. None of this will come right away, and it may take a long time to gain a foothold on the stage and prove yourself to the public. But you can start making money or skins at any level, the main thing is to want to do it.

But first of all, you need to understand whether your team is ready to participate in serious competitions because an ordinary stack of friends with no teamwork, chemistry, skill, and desire to win is unlikely to achieve any kind of success. You can even start quarreling with each other and lose your friends. So are you ready? Sure? Then let’s go!

Tournament platforms are a great way to passively earn money by playing a Dota 2 tournament. Yes, not all platforms pay in cash, some require entry fees, and there are those who may not pay the prize money at all. So you should be very careful when choosing.

Let’s highlight the main criteria for choosing a Tournament Platform:

  • Fast and easy login
  • Trustworthy
  • Tournament prize money (and their timely payment)
  • Large number of participants
  • Frequent tournaments

Among a large number of tournament platforms by these criteria, WePlay Compete stands out: it is a competitive place from the creators of well-known tournaments. WePlay is a strong brand, so the “Trustworthy” point counts immediately. Also, due to the weighty brand, prize money is paid promptly on this platform.

The prize pools are also very pleasing: there are WePlay Dota 2 tournaments with Steam-gifts, with game items, with Arcanas, and so on. In addition, you can participate both in team-v-team encounters and in real tournaments with grids and group stages. The bigger the deal, the larger the prizes for winning a tournament, but there is also more competition. Also, tournaments at WePlay Compete are held very often, and they come in many varieties. So just log in to the site using your Steam account and proceed to victories. Got a question? Help will come quickly on the local Discord channel.

The best part about participating in tournaments on such platforms is not even the prize pools and victories, but the fact that by competing with amateur teams, you get invaluable tournament experience, albeit online. Grinding Captain’s Mode, you can earn not just prizes, but also learn Dota at a level higher than just CM game search in the Dota 2 client. And get a feel for the whole atmosphere of online tournaments in the process. After all, to participate in more championships, you will have to interact with the organizers, prepare for matches, and do not forget about the increase of tension and stress levels, which you will need to learn how to temper.

So, by slowly farming tournament platforms, you can eventually come to the conclusion that these droplets of experience will help you not to become scared and carried away during an important match of Open Qualifiers for some larger commercial tournament before progressing to the group stage, shining there and earn not only prize money but also a name… And so maybe next time they will invite you to play without any Qualifiers!

So by playing on tournament platforms, players earn not only money and prizes, but also an invaluable experience. Don’t miss your chance and participate in a large number of tournaments to get better. 

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