Upcoming Cyberpunk Games To Keep An Eye On in Late 2021 and Beyond

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The bright and vibrant worlds of the cyberpunk genre promise experiences that gamers really won’t find elsewhere. Laden with futuristic tech, basked in the glow of ample neon and riddled with some truly fantastical imagery, cyberpunk games send us through wormholes of imagination into glowing metropolises, seedy undergrounds, and everything in between.

While there are some stellar cyberpunk games out there that everyone needs to dive into, the future holds anticipated titles that players will want to follow. Take your pick from the list below, and you’re sure to find hours of entertainment, courtesy of the brightest minds in indie and AAA gaming.

Severed Steel

Launching as one of a few must-play cyberpunk games of late 2021, Greylock Studio’s Severed Steel promises a multilayered first-person adventure set in a stylish, destructible world. It’s hard not to notice just how sleek and clean Severed Steel looks, but all of that gets reduced to rubble once the bullets start flying.

With its bullet time mechanic, Severed Steel is lining up to be the game that all streamers will aim to master. It’s a content goldmine once players understand how to best control protagonist Steel to string together combos and leave behind a wake of bodies. To complicate things, Steel isn’t big on carrying ammo. Every weapon found is only as useful as its round capacity. Once it’s empty, it’s on to the next futuristic firearm.

Greylock Studio promises dynamic battles that never repeat thanks to the game’s unscripted, squad-based AI. This ensures every playthrough is unique and there is no simple “going through the motions.”

Severed Steel is releasing on Steam on September 17, 2021, and will land on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch at a later date this year.

Vigilance 2099

Upcoming Cyberpunk Games Vigilance 2099

It’s hard not to look at Vigilance 2099 and question whether it’s hoping to capitalize on the mistakes of Cyberpunk 2077. However, developer Envoidant Studios instead pulled inspiration from Blade Runner and the unreleased sequel to Prey (2006) to bring this story of bounty hunting in a neon world to computers (and possibly consoles).

There hasn’t been much in the way of gameplay reveals, save for an eight-minute segment that showcased mechanics like combat, (aerial) driving, and even bounty hunting. Players control a fed-turned-bounty hunter with the know-how to hunt and take down the city’s most nefarious criminals. Prey City is a living, breathing world full of AI characters and plenty of space to explore from the comfort of your flying car. It’s the cyberpunk world our future was promised to be, realized in beautiful HD.

Vigilance 2099 can be played in third and first-person perspectives, allowing players to traverse the multi-leveled environment in the way most comfortable for them. And there is a lot to explore, whether you’re scaling buildings or sticking to the crowded streets.

Vigilance 2099 currently has no official release date, but lead developer NasNakarus actively updates followers on the progress.


Upcoming Cyberpunk Games Replaced

2022 should be a good year for cyberpunk games thanks to the planned launch of Replaced, a 2.5D retro experience set in a society that has seen better days. As R.E.A.C.H., an AI in a human body, players navigate Phoenix-City during an alternate version of the 1980s. Gone are the big hair bands and leg warmers. Here are the deadly outlaws and dangerous government corruption.

Replaced is the debut release of Sad Cat Studios, and the developer has been keeping things pretty close to the chest. While an official gameplay reveal hasn’t happened yet beyond the initial teaser, Sad Cat noted that players would help guide R.E.A.C.H. on his quest to feel and be more human.

The minimal gameplay shown in the trailer shows R.E.A.C.H. traversing dangerous environments in platforming segments and bashing on bad guys with a stylized blend of melee and ranged combat. It’s difficult to gauge what’s player-controlled and what’s scripted, but R.E.A.C.H. may have some slick moves at his disposal to help dispatch his foes.

Replaced is currently slated for a 2022 release date and will release on Steam, Epic Game Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

Turbo Overkill

A name like Turbo Overkill promises a game that’s over-the-top, full of insane action, and relentless. Digging deeper into Trigger Happy Interactive’s chaotic cyberpunk first-person shooter, it’s quite clear it will live up to its name.

Enter Paradise, a city overrun by augmented fiends. As Johnny Turbo, players have the skills and tools needed to return everything to normal. Or, at least as normal as Paradise gets. The announcement trailer was heavy on firearms, showcasing a bevy of different weapons that will aid Johnny on his quest. Most impressively is Johnny’s chainsaw-leg, an augment that drives home just how ludicrous Turbo Overkill aims to be.

While the concept may read closer to the insanity of Doom or Serious Sam, the visual aesthetic is 100% cyberpunk. There is still plenty more to be seen from Turbo Overkill, which will hopefully confirm some vehicle segments that seem to be in the reveal trailer.

Trigger Happy Interactive currently has Turbo Overkill slated as releasing “SOONTM.” The game is expected to launch ambitiously on all current and prior-generation consoles, as well as Steam.

Samurai Unicorn

Upcoming Cyberpunk Games Samurai Unicorn

Return to the classic age of the PlayStation One with Samurai Unicorn, a game inspired by the visual style of early-era 3D gaming. That doesn’t take away from the game’s beauty, especially since developer Its Got Stealth has created a cyberpunk world that’s equal parts pixelated and visually appealing.

In Samurai Unicorn, players follow Klo and Unicorn as they go up against the Dream Eaters in the city of Sydney3. At the core of most cyberpunk games is a corrupt government and dystopian civilization, and both are heavily present in this third-person action-adventure.

Its Got Stealth promises an explorable world with interactive AI and cinematic storytelling that encourages curiosity. At least when you’re not too busy engaged with the many different foes standing in your way. There is still much to learn about this stylized cyberpunk game, but the play on nostalgia absolutely drums up anticipation.

Samurai Unicorn doesn’t have a release date but is likely launching in 2022.

Final Note

The ideas behind cyberpunk games assure that players will constantly be treated to new and exciting futuristic releases. While these five represent a small fraction of what’s on the horizon, they’re among the most promising titles we’ll get our hands on soon.

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