Avoid Planned Obsolescence With Your Tech Devices

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It’s a too-common and unfortunate reality that our tech devices are beginning to feel more and more disposable. After all, each year companies continually release new updates to their product line, which ultimately leaves you feeling that unless you’re continually keeping up with those releases, you’re not necessarily as up to date as you could be.

This is a shame, because a smartphone from four years ago pretty much has the same functionality as a smartphone of today, at least for what you’ll actually use it for instead of spending all day on the novelties and minor upgrades made.

It’s also true that new software updates and the changing economy of a platform’s software can leave phones becoming less useful than they may otherwise be over time. Planned obsolescence, in this case, can seem real, and as if it doesn’t matter how much you care about your device, some way or another, tech companies are going to squeeze more out of you.

In this post, we’re going to give you some worthwhile advice to consider, in order to help you counter the costs of relentless updates and planned obsolescence. Let’s get started:

Regular Repair

You’d be surprised how affordably and thoroughly third-party services can repair your phone compared to the proprietary repair shops that might convince you your phone is faulty or past the point of fixing. For instance, a cell phone repair shop is much more likely to get to the heart of the issue and provide an immediate fix than the regular ‘geniuses’ who are inclined to get you to replace a handset or purchase an upgrade. This can give your device more longevity and will save you money going forward.

Wipe The Cache & Reset

After some time, tech devices such as phones can build up a cache that may be filled with temporary files no longer in use, and this can cause them to slow down. Resetting your device and formatting the storage from time to time can be a healthy way to keep it running fast and properly. Furthermore, make sure that battery management software is properly secured to offset the added demand that software updates have on your devices’ longevity.

Fit Your Own Standard

It can sometimes seem that certain utilities given by tech devices change over time, as new standards and formats are put in place. This is where fitting your own standard, such as implementing your own Bluetooth-enabled headset rather than purchasing proprietary measures, or cheaper charging cables with the right slot than the marked-up option that may not even come with the phone anymore, can serve as reliable alternatives that help you get the best of your device without paying the absurd prices we’re expected to keep up with. For instance, a hardy phone case can help you more than unnecessary upsold insurance, but that’s up to you. It’s all about fitting your own standard as necessary.

With this advice, we hope you can avoid planned obsolescence with your tech devices.

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