PUBG is Free for an Entire Week Starting Today

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If you somehow made it all this time without playing the hit FPS that jumpstarted the battle royale craze back in 2017, now’s your chance to change that. The recently rebranded PUBG: Battlegrounds (yes, really, that’s its new name) is currently free to play on Steam and will continue to remain as such for an entire week. Downloading the game during the Free Play Week will give you full access to everything PUBG has to offer, including some limited-time rewards.

Judging by the announcement made by developer Krafton, it looks like new players jumping into PUBG over the coming week will only have to worry about one limitation – the ability to access the in-game store. You’ll first have to purchase the game if you want to get your hands on some store items. Aside from that, though, you can expect full access to all maps, game modes, mission rewards, and more. You can even take part in the ongoing Blackpink x PUBG: Battlegrounds special event, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Krafton also revealed that there will be some exclusive rewards for new players. These include the Sleeveless Cheetah Top, Utility Belt (Brown), Rugged (Beige) M16A4, Wrangler Shirt, and Wide Pants (Red). Additionally, you can get your hands on some Traditional Glasses (Round) by creating a Global PUBG account and linking it to your Steam account. You may want to create an account even if you don’t care about the glasses because doing so will allow you to keep all your earned rewards, stats, and Survivor Pass progress once the Free Play Week has ended. Just in case you’re wondering, the Survivor Pass does indeed have to be purchased.

PUBG has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, from its long-time rivalry with Fortnite to the controversial name change announced a little while ago. The name change apparently came as a result of Krafton wanting to make a clear distinction between the battle royale and other titles set in the PUBG universe. Such as the upcoming mobile game PUBG: New State, which will feature a more futuristic setting.

PUBG: Battlegrounds (sigh) will remain free until August 16.

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