Remember That You’re Writing Your Life Story Every Day

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One of the truly great and beautiful things about life is that there are a virtually unlimited number of different paths to head down, different opportunities to explore, and different situations that can end up forming threads in the stories of our lives as a whole.

At the same time, however, there’s always a risk that we can end up losing sight of the potential wonder and magic of life, when we get caught up in the various unconscious routines, habits, and preoccupations of everyday life — and especially when we have a lot of mundane but important concerns to deal with, such as paying the bills.

But living a life that is devoid of that kind of deeper meaning and fascination is a terrible and tragic thing, and it’s also bound to be pretty boring, frustrating, and underwhelming in a variety of different ways.

Ultimately, one of the most uplifting and interesting ways to think about your life, as a whole, is to view it as a great story that you are taking an active part in writing, every day, through your decisions, habits, actions, and how you choose to direct your attention overall.

Throughout history, all sorts of fascinating and noteworthy individuals — ranging from great artists and poets, to explorers, inventors, and more, have essentially adopted this practice of viewing their lives as a story in the process of being written.

In some sense, it could be said that even using resources such as in order to store an archive of personal photos, might be a reflection of the human tendency to view life as a story.

In the words of Cormac McCarthy, “each man is the bard of his own existence.”

Here are just a few things you can do, on a regular basis, to consistently remind yourself of the fact that you’re in the process of writing your life story every day.

Pay attention to your intuitions and the direction they are steering you in

Everyone has intuitions on a regular basis, that come from a deeper place than simple emotional reactions to things, or “theories” that have been systematically pieced together (rightly or wrongly) from different observations of mental exercises.

When you love someone, for example, that is rooted in a very deep sensation that comes from the same place that intuition comes from. If it’s true love, then it’s not just a fleeting emotion, and it’s also not something that you have “decided on” as a result of some rationalistic exercise.

While these intuitions are often instrumental in guiding us towards a sense of meaning in life, and connecting us with our deepest values and insights, it’s nonetheless quite common for individuals to end up pushing these intuitions aside altogether when going about the business of making decisions in everyday life.

In order to remember to view your life as a great story, however, and to truly feel the magic present in it, it’s necessary to reconnect with that deep, intuitive part of yourself that helps you to see and experience everything in a more authentic and poetic way.

By paying attention to your intuitions, and at least hearing what they have to say, there’s a good chance that you will be in a much better position to live a life that is deep and meaningful as opposed to feeling unnecessarily “shallow.”

Engage with great stories often, through a variety of different mediums

From the dawn of humanity, as far as anyone can tell, we’ve been gathering together and sharing stories — first around campfires, then in larger gatherings, auditoriums, and now in the form of novels, films, TV shows, video games, and much more besides.

The bottom line is that we learn all sorts of things from stories — and fictional stories often seem to be deeper and richer than non-fiction ones.

Engaging with great stories on a regular basis can help to inspire you in your own life, and can remind you to see your life in that same way.

Notice what’s right around you at any given moment

If you’re constantly thinking about something else, no matter where you currently are or what you’re currently doing, it essentially goes without saying that you will be unable to truly appreciate the beauty and significance of each moment, and will instead be left feeling bored and unfulfilled.
In order to view your life as a great story that you are busy writing, you actually need to be here, consciously, for the “writing” part, instead of allowing yourself to fall into the trap of being chronically distracted.

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