Top 5 Trending Video Editing Tools For Gaming In 2021

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It is a great idea to transform gaming footage and clips into chunky and appealing videos for your YouTube channel to gain an impressive audience base! If you are tired of creating usual YouTube videos and are looking ahead to showcase some innovative content to your users, well-edited gaming videos are the best choice. If you are an avid gamer, nothing beats showcasing your audience some fantastic gameplay, tips, and tricks to let them know how they can advance missions and beat a game. But all this won’t come easy, especially with so many gaming videos already out there! Therefore, in such a case, using the support of a games video editor makes sense if you want your content to stand out amongst the rest. 

We will walk you through some of the best game video editors available to boost your gaming content through this post. You can choose from a humongous library of templates and multiple filters and effects to present your talent. So, if you want to know which are the best video editing software for gaming, do not navigate away from this page!

1. InVideo

InVideo is not just any old video editor. This versatile editor caters to all sorts of video editing, including gaming. With this professional quality editor, you can create and edit the videos in just a couple of minutes. Select from multiple templates to add an edge to your content, edit images, add filters, effects, and different kinds of styles to amplify your thought process.

InVideo features over 2000 different templates to let you explore endlessly while being free. It is also pretty easy to use this tool due to its intuitive interface, which is loaded with multiple language options to prevent any hassle. With plenty of tutorials and demonstrations, it comes with features like voice-over and text to video. Besides, it lets you seamlessly post your videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and so on.


  • Interactive interface
  • Feature loaded


  • Indigent search functionality 

2. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an ideal game video editor for beginners. This polished software turns your videos into refined and professional content using numerous effects, captions, sound effects, transitions, and more. It features a user-oriented interface, simple controls and lets you automatically preview your work. Suitable for Windows, it comes at no cost for using basic features and making amateur videos. Its auto-preview function allows you to visualize effects and edits by simply moving your mouse.

You can choose from several themes that it offers and do more with your content by experimenting with options like toning, sepia, fade, and so on, with just a single click. It additionally provides its users with transitions in animation tabs with user-friendly controls, intro titles, rotation clips, audio fading, captions, and end credits. Some of its extended features include extensive audio selection, timeline narration, title customization, credit customization, etc. 


  • Auto preview feature
  • Easy to use


  • No visual effects adjustment

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro works for both amateurs and professionals. This sought-after game video editor comes with a non-linear video editing interface, potent feature set, and unmatched working tool system to provide users with all they need. It offers exceptional quality outcomes and doesn’t have any limitations on importing videos in different formats such as HD, HDV, and Flash Video.

This must-try video editing tool captures footage and upgrades the workflow to get your content many views on social platforms. Furthermore, its adaptive design is complemented by a highly responsive and user-centric interface for ease of use, immersive VR support, simultaneous video editor, creative cloud subscription service, and lots more.


  • Customizable layouts
  • Compatible with illustrator and photoshop


  • Uses many computer resources

4. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is an advanced-level editor that lets its users do quite a lot! It is suitable for creating videos using multiple backdrops, audio and visual effects, audio tracks, texts, and overlays. For gaming videos, you can capture screen and add audio effects without any issues while processing files in a wide range of formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MKV, etc. It also lets you enhance your videos by stabilizing shaky or disturbed recordings, upgrade video quality, capture screen and so on to get you only the best results.

Besides, with AVS editor, you can also make presentations, video projects, tutorials, demos, slideshows, etc., with just a couple of mouse clicks. This tool does not have any free version, but you can always go for its free demo to learn all about it! Some of its additional features are speed adjustment, video splitting and merging, access to the media library, drag and drop, and brand overlay.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for beginners


  • A bit outdated interface

5. Lightworks

Featuring powerful capabilities, Lightworks is a professional-level video editing tool that also works as a game video editor. Its quick and flexible interface is highly intuitive yet quite easy. This editor comes packed with several graphics and tools to let you create outstanding videos. Suitable for video trimming, combining multiple shots, and so on, this video editor also allows you to effortlessly post your video on social media platforms such as YouTube. Its dynamic timeline is efficient enough to turn your idea into actual work in just a few minutes while letting you export your work in a desirable format automatically.

Lightworks is a one-stop-shop tool with real-time effects, color collection, masks, blurs, complex endearing, and encoding, which occurs in the background so that you continue performing your job without getting distracted. To add more, this tool was also used for box office editing for hits such as The Departed, Shutter Island, and Pulp Fiction, giving you another reason to consider this tool.


  • Simple user interface
  • HD resolution support
  • Supports multiple file formats


  • Lacks 3D editing


Finding the right video editing software can be daunting and tricky, but not anymore with the options given above! All these tools are handpicked based on user reviews and their performance abilities. But, our personal favourite is InVideo due to its user-centric interface, unparalleled efficiency, and time-saving capabilities. We hope you will find the most suitable game video editor for yourself to create some exceptional videos!

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