The Best Brain Training Games

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From a paper puzzle book with a pen to a brain training app, there are so many options out there to keep your mind active. No matter your age, these kinds of games are there to help improve mental well-being, as well as prevent damage to the brain through aging. It has been found that brain training is something that can help to improve memory, as well as improve your logic skills, your reactions and responses, as well as other benefits. There is a proven relationship between these kinds of brain training games and cognitive function.

If you take the time to train your brain throughout your week, then it can have many benefits and can be a hobby that is fun and enjoyable too. Here are some of the games that you could try, in order to improve your mental fitness and your mental focus. 


This is a game that uses your short-term memory, focusing on numbers and patterns. It is all about putting the numbers one through nine in a box, as well as in a straight line, so there are some trials of consequences. As there needs to be forethought and planning, then it can help to improve your short-term memory, as well as concentration. There are apps for Sudoku, as well as paper books and websites online, so there are many options for you.


This is a brain training program that helps to train your brain and improve your mental fitness. There are free accounts that you can sign up to play with, as well as having a subscription if you want to play these games more often than three times a week. The games on Luminosity are fun to play, as well as having tests and different activities, that are all backed and created by science. So whether you choose an app or a website, you can play these games on the go.


One of the biggest collections of games and brain teasers all in one place, Braingle is a free-to-use website with over 15,000 games and puzzles. You can also join the online community if you’re looking to find some like-minded people. So whether you like to descramble words, take part in trivia quizzes, or decipher codes, this can be a good idea for you. You can also have a go at creating your own puzzles and quizzes, which adds another element to the hobby. 


Crosswords are classic ways to train your brain. They involve using language and verbal skills along with memory and knowledge to answer the clues. You can get crossword puzzle books to complete, as well as online sites to sign up for. There are even many apps where you can choose to do crosswords right there on your phone. If you are someone who still gets a newspaper delivered, then they are often in those too. You can also make your own for friends and family if you know that they love doing crosswords too.

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