How Tech is Helping Us Trace Covid-19

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In 2020 and beyond, the use of tech to assuage the problems of modern life is becoming the norm. With the use of the internet already making life a lot more convenient for millions of people around the world, it only makes sense that the associated technology (IoT) has a long, applied way to go. And that’s never been more clear than in the use of modern tech to keep us on our toes in the fight against COVID-19. 

The spread of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, but seeing as we’re living in a digital age, the use of tech to both track and trace cases has helped to flatten the curve. But how has the widespread use of tech really helped? Let’s go through some points below. 

The Use of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of technology to virtually ‘administer’ care and medical attention to those who need it – usually the most vulnerable of our society. And through this application of technology, doctor’s offices have been kept clear and safe for staff and patients to use. 

Cutting down on the crowds, and keeping all offices, surgeries, and wards in clean, safe conditions has been one of the main benefits of telemedicine. The other is how accessible healthcare has become, allowing people to talk face to face with a doctor from the comfort of their own home.

In the Working World

The working world is one of the hardest hit places by the current pandemic; many people have had to relocate, work from home, or have lost their jobs entirely. However, with the burgeoning use of tech in the workplace, it can be much easier to keep the environment safe for use by everyone. 

For example, using a thermal imaging camera (in place of a regular CCTV one) could help to track one of the main COVID-19 symptoms: fever. Anyone who walks into the workplace with a higher than average body temperature can be stopped and checked, or sent home, or asked to attend a test. Indeed, you can get the facts here for more information on such an application. 

Online Information

The online world has been indispensable in keeping up with how the pandemic has affected us. Many government notices are issued via their official websites, and social media has had a hand in spreading both useful information and misinformation

But even with such a mixed bag experience, the internet allows us to do our own research, and track down sources to verify information that could help us to live safer right now. Even the front page of Google displays a direct link to factual information on COVID-19, which has been a great way for someone to stay in the know from their fingertips. This could have saved quite a few lives along the way. 

Technology, alongside human ingenuity, has been at the forefront of slowing the pandemic. The use of various digital means has allowed us to stay safe, and feel safe, during such uncertain times. 

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