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Do you love to play video games and online games? Do you love to earn extra money and boost your income as well? What if you could combine these two great activities into one – it would be a dream come true. 

In the post below we look at the best online games where you can earn real cash. Now you can think of all of those gaming hours as an investment and those who say you’re wasting your time won’t have a leg to stand on. 

Read on to find out how to earn real cash playing online games. 


You might not be a professional footballer but that doesn’t mean you can’t still earn money playing the game. Thanks to Dream 11 you can play fantasy football the way you do on other platforms, but with this, you earn real money. Finally a pay-off for your time

Dream 11 is made by Fantasy Sports. It allows you to select your best Fantasy 11, including goalkeepers, forwards, defenders and midfielders, and play them in competitions where you can earn real prize money. 


If you love a diverse gaming experience as well as traditional games, then you’ll love Paytm First Games. This is a gaming platform that has one million plus installs to date. It also has an average 3.7 rating in the Play Store. 

Paytm First Games allows you to play all your favorites. There’s Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, Ludo, Jerry Mouse Maze, and more. Many of these games offer in-game prizes in the form of Rs. Around 10,000 games are subject to income tax rules, just like Forex but many aren’t. 


Are you the kind of person that loves to kill some time in the airport playing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire machine? If you are you’ll love Qureka, which is the digital equivalent, but with a more diverse range. 

On Qureka you can play online games that stimulate the brain and challenge your puzzles solving abilities. What’s more you can also earn money playing these games thanks to their brilliant daily cash prizes. 


How do you like your pool, British or American style? Either way, you’ll love 8 Ball Pool if you like the game. It gives you the chance to play solo, against the AI, or with friends on multiplayer. This game is offered by

You can play 8 ball Pool for fun, of course, but if you want to earn money as a pool shark why not enter one of the many competitions on the site and try your luck for big money prizes. You can potentially win thousands of dollars playing this. 


If you’re more of the cerebral type then you might prefer games of online poker to boost your income and have some fun at the same time. Online poker is one of the most reliable ways to earn some extra cash, if you’re any good of course. 

As with most poker sites, Pokerbaazi offers cash games and tournament games, these are the best ways to earn cash. There are a wide range of buy-in levels and the site offers you some analysis strategies not common in other places. No wonder Pokerbaazi is one of the world’s most popular poker sites.

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