Godzilla vs Kong – Big, Dumb and So Much Fun

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Godzilla Vs Kong Directed by Adam Wingard is the fourth and probably the final movie in the MonsterVerse. The cinematic universe revolving around the famous movie monsters of Godzilla and King Kong now culminating with Godzilla Vs Kong. Godzilla Vs Kong is the sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), Kong: Skull Island (2017), and Godzilla (2014).

Remember when Godzilla shouted to the monsters to shut up….The Context

Godzilla shouting to the other monsters (Godzilla: King of the Monsters)

The movie is set after the events of Godzilla: King of Monsters where it’s shown that Godzilla is an alpha Monster. And he literally shouts the other monsters to calm the hell down and to let humanity live while he himself steers clear of humanity.

So why is Godzilla attacking people now?…The Plot

We don’t why. And this is where Godzilla Vs Kong picks up with Godzilla suddenly attacking a few of the scientific bases of the Apex company. No one knows why this is happening and everyone is busy trying to figure out why he is doing this. And also how to stop him. All this leads them to the solution of powering a “weapon” with the energy from the Hollow Earth. Hollow Earth here is like an ecosystem at the core of the planet. It is the ecosystem where these monsters come from. So they need Kong to lead them to the Hollow Earth to defeat Godzilla

This is the broad story and here is where the movie divides into two plots. The first plot is with the scientists, Apex Company cronies, and the caretakers of Kong along with a little girl who befriended him and can talk to him (yeah, Kong can speak sign language now). And they are going to find the Hollowed Earth. Along with that, the second group is a conspiracy theorist played by Bernie Hayes along with Madison Russell from the previous move and her friend trying to figure out why Godzilla is attacking them.

Unlike in the previous movie, I think that the human characters in Godzilla Vs Kong work. While in the previous movie I was just bored as I was waiting for the huge guys to fight each other. Here, the bond between Kong and the little girl works. And Bernie Hayes is hilarious as the conspiracy theorist who stumbles into something way too big.

Cute and touching

But who cares about the story. Aren’t we are here to see two gigantic beasts fight each other?

Yes, But having a cohesive story with likable characters helps pace out the fights. And as mentioned before, when anyone walks in to see Godzilla Vs Kong, it not for the deep and meaningful characters but rather to see two huge hulking monsters trading punches and dogging nuclear breath. And we get plenty of that. There is a clear distinction to be made between these two behemoths and how they fight. Here Godzilla is the same brute force and nuclear breaths his way into a fight like in previous movies. But Kong, who is kinda the protagonist of the movie, is shown to be weaker in strength but way smarter of the two, thinking his way around this radioactive lizard. There are three main fight sequences with Godzilla, Kong along with a surprise monster and all of them are fun as hell.

Yep that’s Kong wielding a radioactive axe

So is the movie worth the time?

Absolutely, the movie does not drag its 113-minute runtime and everything works as the plots are constantly moving forward. The fights are awesome and gorgeous looking. The characters are passable but that’s not why one sees Godzilla Vs Kong. When a movie has a giant ape punching a huge radioactive lizard and at the same time pulls of a coherent story that keeps its audience engaged, then you know it’s doing something right.

I am not saying that Godzilla Vs Kong is a cinematic masterpiece but I am rather stating that it never set out to be that. It set out to be a dumb and fun monster-fighting movie and it is exactly that. So dumb but yet so much fun.


  • 7/10

    Godzilla vs Kong - 7/10



Godzilla Vs Kong set out to be a dumb and fun monster-fighting movie and it is exactly that. So dumb but yet so much fun.

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