How Software Plays A Pivotal Role With Trucking Companies

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There’s no denying that computer software has firmly established itself as the leading method of increasing workplace productivity. Software isn’t just about programs that run on office PCs; it’s also got a place for industries based primarily on the road.

In particular, trucking companies have found that software plays a pivotal role in their businesses, helping them be efficient and productive in many ways. Here are some examples of how software is both innovative and a must-have tool for all trucking firms:

Load Management

As you might expect, trucking businesses must juggle all kinds of jobs for their customers and plan routes for their drivers with almost military precision. Trucking companies must maximize their loads for optimum profit through least-cost route planning.

Software solutions like TruckLogics enable trucking companies to plan and distribute routes carefully and consistently among their drivers. Doing so ensures drivers are less likely to traverse the country with no loads, costing their employers time and money.

Another way that software can help companies is by assisting them in seeking out loads for trucking firms. In some cases, firms can integrate different software platforms under one unified solution for a centrally-manageable system.

Electronic Logging Devices

It’s also essential for trucking companies to determine their workforce’s performance while they’re out on the road. Are drivers sticking to the routes planned by their transport office, or are they making deviations to visit friends and family en-route to their destinations?

Plus, are the drivers ensuring they have the required number of rest breaks during long-haul trips, or are they skipping breaks to beat deadlines and gain more jobs for higher bonus rewards?

Electronic logging devices linked with central software solutions offer trucking companies comprehensive reporting features. Transport managers can determine which drivers perform the best and the ones that may require further training.


It’s no secret that GPS or “satellite navigation” has been a familiar technology used by trucking companies for many years. GPS devices help drivers reach their destinations safely and efficiently, and they alert drivers to issues on the road, such as traffic.

These days, GPS devices found in trucks have live links with software solutions in transport offices. Those software links enable transport managers to locate each truck quickly, and pre-emptively warn them of any problems.

Integrated GPS software solutions also tie in nicely with load management software to create a comprehensive, all-in-one system that helps transport managers deploy trucks with ease.

Another use for combined GPS software solutions is vehicle tracking. Trucks are valuable assets to all transport companies, and GPS software systems can help law enforcement agencies to track down stolen trucks by providing live tracking data.

Final Thoughts

Today’s modern transport companies use a combination of telematics and software solutions to assist truck drivers, deploy loads efficiently, and devise routes that are both fuel-efficient and save time.

In the future, trucking companies could potentially use autonomous trucks linked with software systems thousands of miles away to provide an even more efficient service to their customers.

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