Valheim Giveaway for Steam Part Two

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Update: The giveaway is now over and the winner will be contacted shortly. Thank you to everybody who participated and keep an eye out for more giveaways in the near future.

A little over one month since launch, the phenomenon known as Valheim continues to grow and there’s no sign that the hype for the Viking-themed survival game is going to die down anytime soon. Just last week, developer Iron Gate announced that the game already sold five million copies on Steam. Not too shabby for an Early Access title. Meanwhile, players keep finding ways to put together increasingly bigger and better projects in the game, including most recently the Stormwind Harbor from World of Warcraft. In other words, Valheim is doing better than ever.

Not too long ago, we did a little Valheim giveaway to celebrate the game reaching 500K concurrent players on Steam. And since there was a lot of interest in our last giveaway, we figured we should do another one. So here is your chance to win a free Steam key for Valheim. If you already took part in our last Valheim giveaway you already know what to expect. If you haven’t, you can find the rules down below, along with the Gleam widget that allows you to enter our competition.

Valheim Giveaway Rules:

  • The competition runs between March 9th and March 16th at 6 PM GMT.
  • We’re giving away one Steam key for Valheim.
  • At this time Valheim keys can only be traded using Steam’s gifting system. Should you win, you’ll need to have an active Steam account and allow one of FictionTalk’s staff members to add you to their friends list in order to transfer the key. Feel free to remove us from the list afterward.
  • The winner will be contacted by us via email within 24 hours of the competition’s end date e.g. March 17th at 6 PM GMT, at the latest.
  • The winner will be selected at random using the embedded Gleam widget. You can read more about how Gleam works here.
  • The winner has 48 hours at their disposal to get back to us from the moment we reach out to them. Should we fail to receive a reply, we’ll use the widget to redraw and select a different winner. Keep an eye on your inbox to avoid missing out!

Valheim Steam Key #2

We talked about what Valheim is and why people love it so much during our last giveaway. Go back and check it out if you want to learn more about the game. You can find our past and ongoing giveaways by visiting this link.

Meanwhile, if you already know the basics and want to learn a bit about the advanced stuff we invite you to check out our Valheim armor guide. There, you can learn more about how to craft the best armor sets and the materials needed for the process.

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22 thoughts on “Valheim Giveaway for Steam Part Two”

  1. I think Valheim is here to stay if they keep updating & improving the game. I’m looking forward to playing with friends. The crafting & farming has me excited and I absolutely love to explore. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck to all!

  2. I think Valheim could be a great surprise if they keep polishing the game with new quests, new game modes and other gameplay-related stuff. It will depend mainly on player’s feedback over time.

  3. Games like Valheim prove the emphasis people place on the quality of the experience, rather than maxed-out graphics that look incredibly real. I love it!

  4. Seems like it is here to stay with around 6 millions sales already. I’m sure it’ll cool off but still see steady growth.


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