Flight Simulator: Why Has This Game Helped So Many?

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The one thing that has come out of the pandemic is that we’ve all focused more on video games than ever before. Sales of the Nintendo Switch went through the roof as families started to make the most of their time at home. But in addition to this, there was a surprise thrown up in the videogame world last year. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 became the breakout hit of the year, much to the surprise of everyone. After a 14 year break, the success came as a big surprise, and as it was released to critical acclaim, had won a slew of awards. But what was the reasoning behind this? 

The Sheer Escape

As the world saw the pandemic wreak havoc on the world, we all retreated inwards. The massive surprise that Flight Simulator threw up, is arguably down to a simple reason. The fact is, it was the safest way to travel during a tough time. We can talk about the realistic aspects, and the fact that it is a fantastic way to get away from your troubles, but the other aspect of it is how it bridges the gap between computer games and augmented reality.

First-person view flying drones are increasing in popularity, and the variety of drone suppliers out there, like https://www.drdrone.ca/, are keen to make the most of this. Comparing drones to any flight simulator game is all about that important escape. First-person view drones are becoming a great way for people to see the world and are a logical extension of Flight Simulator. The ability to travel the world helped everybody during tough times.

Why Did it Strike a Chord?

Looking at the reviews, the simple reason behind this is that it was so realistic. The Flight Simulator series has always provided escapism, but this time, the reason it resonates so much is the sheer reality of it all. In addition, the VR version has added to the popularity. It’s a game that has captured the zeitgeist. But it’s not just about the escapism. The Flight Simulator game is striking a chord in a professional sense. The Flight Simulator series has always been the first stepping stone for budding pilots. As many pilots have found themselves grounded for obvious reasons, it is a comprehensive simulator that has kept pilots focused, and has ensured they keep their skills fresh. 

Another reason it struck a chord is that, in its most simple form, it offers an experience similar to online life. One review spoke of the permeability between the real and the online world. For pilots and people, the staggering reality of the game is what makes it so appealing. It’s a wonderful stepping stone. But it is also a game that provides a lot of hope.

Many people are looking to what will happen after the pandemic eases, and will, no doubt, be looking for a more fulfilling career. And for people who are looking to become pilots, while there’s aviation training like on CAA International, it provides that taste that is so important. And yes, it is a flight simulator game, which means that it has naturally been decried by many pilots, especially in terms of the sluggish response, but have ultimately described the game as fun.

The Curiosity

You can go anywhere you want. The maps have been obtained by data from Bing Maps, and the 3D representations of the planets were created by Microsoft AI. Physics was incorporated, but also, some places were handcrafted, which has provided a very earthy approach to the flight simulator genre. Many people went to their home destinations as the first port of call, but it’s important to note that some destinations went a bit beyond, and were very 2020. For example, players went to the Little St. James Island, where Jeffrey Epstein reportedly abused and molested underage girls. And while this could cause a lot of controversies, the game did not render the island in a detailed way. Likewise, many people were intrigued to see the affected areas of the West Coast fires, but the details were not accurate.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a surprise hit, and with Flight Simulator being the first actual flight simulation game released on a console, its popularity will only soar ever higher. And with the rumor about other vehicles being incorporated, like sailplanes and helicopters, it is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise unstable world.

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