Why Do Video Game Companies Keep Getting Hacked?

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Video game companies always seem to make headlines due to cybercriminal attacks. Most recently, Cyberpunk’s developers were hacked and the source code of their games was stolen. It’s unclear what happened to the hackers, but there are reports that the code was eventually sold on the dark web. With access to the game’s source code, hackers could potentially cause a lot of trouble for the game’s developers. Luckily, it’s not an online game that could be exploited, but it’s still a huge problem for CD Projekt Red.

But this isn’t the first big-profile hack that has taken place in the gaming world. In 2020, Capcom also suffered a cybersecurity breach which resulted in over 350,000 people’s information being stolen. Another high-profile hack was on PlayStation Network in 2011 that led to a complete outage of the service and around 77 million user’s personal details being put at risk.

So why does this keep happening? Is there something that the companies can do? And what about the users? Is there a way to stay safe after all of these hacks?

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It’s not just game companies – every company is a target

Video game companies tend to be targeted because there’s something to gain from it. Whether it’s money, sneak peeks at new games, or even industry secrets, there are plenty of reasons why someone might decide to hack a games company. However, the same can be said for basically any business. If there’s something to gain, then it’s going to get hacked. Most small businesses don’t tend to be targeted because they don’t have money for ransom and they don’t have a lot of user information to steal. This is why large companies are the primary targets.

What can companies do to reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack?

One of the first things any company should do is bolster its security. Companies like Contextual Security are great for general cybersecurity needs, but it’s also important to consider all of the online services and features that you might use and how they can be exploited. For example, games companies tend to have a lot of online-focused features that require login information and credentials. This is a common area for hackers to target because it could be a large number of passwords and emails that they can use to hack into other services.

How can users protect themselves?

Protecting yourself from hackers involves some very basic steps. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can personally do to stop them from going after companies. However, there are ways to mitigate damage should your information be leaked due to a lack of security by these businesses.

First, make sure you’re always using a different password for every service. This ensures that if your password is stolen, the hackers can’t use it to get into your other services. Make sure you try to limit the amount of personal information you give out to these companies, and always use two-factor authentication when given the option. With these simple tips, you should have a much easier time protecting yourself online.

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