Most Common Mistakes New Indie Authors Make

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Oodles of newcomers to the self-publishing world wonder what they must do to achieve their ambitions. They ask around for advice, coaxing answers out of the intangible to learn the ropes without having to fail throughout the process. The fact of the matter is that success doesn’t come easy. There is no simple solution that works for everyone, no one-size-fits-all formula, and no personal prescription that cures all.

In the minefield of publishing, missteps, flubs, and flounders can cause ideas to backfire at any point in the process. But avoiding certain blind spots is doable. To turn a possible fiction flop into a redeemable reality, you need to know what not to do as a newbie. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes new indie authors make.

Not Writing for the Right Reasons

Every person needs their own reason to write—their own reason to go on with their words. Nobody can make it or decide it for you; the reason has to be your own. Regardless, a plethora of authors cling to the idea that their book needs to be perfect for others to want to read it, so they get lost in the act of creation. They spend too much time striving toward an unattainable goal or trying to fit recent market trends.

The comprehensive idea of being an independent author is owning up to one’s creative license. Writing for other’s sake or for a lucrative audience compromises your integrity as a writer. The right audience will come when they hear an honest, sincere, and organic voice in their treasured genre.

The same can be said for indie comic creators too. They need to know exactly where their story is taking them and how they are going to entice the audience to keep purchasing new comics as they are released. A successful launch of the first comic needs to be backed up by subsequent compelling storylines and quality of art and text too. Despite a resurgence and appreciation for this form of art, getting a solid readership who is awaiting your new release like the Vermin Rising Indie Comic Series can be tough and requires commitment and dedication for everyone involved to get it right.

Not Focusing on the Cover

Do you remember ever walking into a bookstore or library, perusing the shelves for a book to read, and experiencing that intrinsic feeling you’d get when a certain one caught your eye? What initially grabs a person’s attention is a cover, and despite the ever-going changes in this modern world, first impressions are bound to be influential.

Interestingly enough, selecting a mediocre book cover is one of the most common mistakes new indie authors make. Marketing solely with internal content is not a communicative method that invites readers into your book’s world. The cover is key to opening up the door. You can’t do anything by half—a good book needs an equally good cover.

Not Creating a Publishing Strategy

An independent author is simply a narrative term, one that is forever relative. No one is meant to go through life alone or endure an arduous process all by their lonesome. Writers need other people to help them write and publish their work successfully.

Investing in external support and resources, such as publishing expertise or experience, will keep you on the right track. Even knowledge of the different types of bookbinding in the printing industry is beneficial information to have on hand. By putting together a strategic plan prior to printing and publishing, you can outline your timeline, budget, and upcoming tasks more efficiently. Mistakes are an inevitable part of the process, but what’s attainable in each moment is up to an individual.

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