A Breakdown Of The Car Racing Game Genre

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Right from the beginning when video games became a thing, car racing has always been one of the most popular games genres, from Atari’s Space Race to Need For Speed and Forza. Its popularity and patronage have increased as time passed, and with the better rendition and graphics, its appeal has skyrocketed. This appeal has led to the emergence of several sub-genres. With several options on the console, PC, and arcade market, this article will take a closer look at the racing game genre.

Arcade-style racing

This car racing genre is made for its thrill, concentrating more on speed and its effects. No matter which game falls into this category, they are usually designed to offer a fun experience and urge players to drift through corners or power slide. Instead of downshifting to negotiate a curve. Naturally, racing games are filled with obstacles and have daring tasks to complete, such as facing oncoming traffic which will earn you some bonus points. Adrenaline-inducing and high octane races such as Need for Speed and police car games are prime examples of this genre.

Often the cars in such games are fully licensed vehicles. Players have the opportunity to race in exotic places in supercars they would mostly see in magazines or at car shows. All these build up an attachment to the game. In some cases, completing tasks rather than the regular crossing the finish line first is the basis of races. There are also quite a few that delve into off-road pursuits. Several games in this category, including Ridge Racer, Sega Rally Series, and Midnight Club are top-rated.

Race simulators

This sub-genre is the go-to for the racing purists. The games in this genre try to emulate a real driving experience, and you have to play the game as if you are driving a physical vehicle. The emphasis in such games is on driving physics to reflect professional racing techniques. Although not all controls may be available in some games, there are usually options to help you deal with stable steering, gear changes, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. This genre of racing appeals to players with existing high-level driving skills.

In such games, precision and timing are vital in every aspect of the game, from negotiating curves to overtaking and maintaining a lead. The cars in racing sims have better car licensing than arcade games, making them look more realistic. The top games in this sub-genre include Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, and Project Cars.

Kart racing

The games under this sub-genre have basic driving mechanics and usually just pit the player against obstacles on the course or other players. You will often find speed ramps, power-ups and power-downs, other fun stuff that you can use against other players, and many shortcuts. Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart are classic examples of games in this genre. Here, you will often find special abilities and projectiles that can be used against other players. This sub-genre of car racing is meant to be fun and as such, may focus on characters from other popular cartoon series.

The genre of car racing games is still growing and there may be even more new additions in the future. But whatever your preference is, there are many options to choose from.

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