Ring Fit Adventure: Still A Perfect Pandemic Workout

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The year is 2021 and the pandemic continues to loom over our heads. You might not be getting as much exercise as you used to. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” gave plenty of gamers a relief from being locked indoors and being unable to socialize. However, during these times it’s important to stay active as well. “Ring Fit Adventure” keeps you indoors while giving you good exercise to keep you healthy and sometimes even build muscle. A year after its release it is still one of the best introductions to a healthier lifestyle.

It’s Your Own Personal Trainer

Ring Fit Adventure” is a surprisingly intricate game that offers plenty of information and guidance for your workout routine. It will walk you through warm-ups, cool downs, as well as a variety of different exercise positions. This is not all that it has to offer. It also gives you detailed information about each routine such as how many calories you burn, the distance you’ve run, and how long you have been exercising for. All this information is useful for those who want to keep track of their progress. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your progress on paper rather than guessing if it you accomplished anything at all.

Ring Fit Adventure Stats

The game feels like your own personal trainer in that way. One of the hardest parts about staying committed to a daily workout is knowing what exercises you should be working on and for how long. It can be daunting to go to the gym by yourself and not know whether to start jogging on the treadmill the whole time or changing locations after a few minutes on each machine. This is where I find “Ring Fit Adventure” to be most useful. It holds your hand through each of your actions and it lets you know if you’re doing a good job. 

Ring Fit Adventure” is designed with replay value and longevity in mind. So you won’t be putting it down for a while. The goal here is to keep you active. There are plenty of modes to choose from including the base adventure, a quick play mode, and even a rhythm game. If you don’t feel like doing the adventure mode then quick play offers a variety of mini-games that are designed with the workout movements in mind.

Blends Gameplay and Exercise

One of the things “Ring Fit Adventure” does fantastically is how it blends exercise and gameplay seamlessly. This is one of those games that almost feels reminiscent of the good old days of the “Nintendo Wii“. The gameplay revolves around jogging in place to move your character forwards. You will also be stretching or squeezing the ring controller to collect coins, jump obstacles, and shoot projectiles at objects. 

Ring Fit Adventure Gameplay

Another unique feature is the RPG Combat. Yes, you heard that right, “Ring Fit Adventure” has combat. During these segments, you will encounter a variety of different monsters who wish to stop you in your tracks. You’ll be able to fight them by choosing from a roster of moves. Unlike traditional RPGs, these moves require you to perform different exercises to initiate the attack. You’ll do more damage by doing each routine perfectly. The game will also stop you from using the same move over and over again by implementing a cooldown. Just another subtle way “Ring Fit Adventure” helps you diversify your routine during gameplay.

Ring Fit Adventure Combat

Subtlety is Ring Fit’s main advantage. It is marketed as a workout routine yet it masks this as a videogame. Because the gameplay blends in so seamlessly with the exercise controls, at times you will forget you’re even playing for health purposes. You can clear multiple levels before you realize you’ve been sweating the whole time. So it makes exercise fun.

A Durable and Quality Ring

One of the most important and iconic features of the game is the ring that comes bundled with the game. You can’t have a “Ring Fit Adventure” without the ring. This device acts as a dock for your right joycon. Once docked, you will be able to use the ring by turning it, stretching it, or squeezing it tight. It will also make use of the motion controls to perform different tasks. 

The Ring has Many uses

If you’re wondering about how the ring feels like to hold in person, it’s a sturdy and well-built device. The foam handles are quality and the ring feels extremely durable. Rumble features allow for very satisfying use during gameplay, giving you a jolt whenever you perform an exercise correctly.

How Does This Help?

So how does “Ring Fit Adventure” help exactly? For starters, this game offers a variety of different modes and activities that exercise different parts of your body. However, it is also patient with the player and will give you time to change positions and learn the routines. It is a helpful aid that can keep you focused on your goals.

The name of the game is repetition and commitment which are vital to staying healthy. Perhaps squeezing the ring won’t sound like a tough exercise at first glance, however, after repeating the exercise 30 times or more you’ll start to feel it. You must also keep in mind that the game uses over 60 real exercise routines that help with cardio, leg work, core, and more. So you aren’t just fidgeting around the Joycons endlessly and calling it a workout. 

Ring Fit Adventure” is the perfect way to get you committed to your daily routine. The keyword is “Routine”. If you pick up the ring controller and commit to doing 30 minutes of exercises per day then you’re already off to a great start. The game will calibrate the difficulty based on how much exercise you do per day and what your strength is during initiation. When you start to feel like the challenge is starting to get too easy you can crank it up a notch. Of course, it would preferable if you don’t over-exert yourself. The game will remind you of that too. 

Stay Active and Stay Healthy

 So yes, “Ring Fit Adventure” is a pretty good workout packaged within a fairly decent game. It comes loaded with plenty of play styles to keep you interested and motivated to work out. It’s a great way to get started on the road towards a healthier lifestyle. Of course, it is expected that you also try eating healthier as well. However, that one is all on you. Combined, you’ll definitely be able to feel it after a few weeks of playing the game. So if you’re looking to jump in I say it’s the perfect time to do so!

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