Adventure Escape Games by Haiku: The Ultimate Escape from Reality

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Adventure Escape Mystery games, also called AE Mystery, by indie developer Haiku are a great escape from reality. With vivid graphics, immersive stories, challenging puzzles, and a diverse cast of characters and fun settings, AE Mystery games have a lot to offer. All of Haiku’s AE Mysteries are single-player escape rooms that are crossovers with a typical puzzle game.

The AE Mystery games never lack fun. Varying in difficulty, they test the player’s logic in an array of puzzles and cryptic clues. Through puzzle-solving, the player progresses to the next level, and in each level the difficulty varies for each mind-bending puzzle. Each pushing the players solving skills to the brink. These games never stop making the player think.

The beautiful graphics help immerse the player in the imaginative worlds that the developers have created. In each world, the stories are entertaining and creative, feature an ethnically diverse cast of characters, and strong women. One example is Detective Kate Gray, who is the main protagonist of all the Murder Mystery games.

Haiku currently has 22 Adventure Escape Mystery games running. From Murder Mystery, Creepy, and Adventure, there is a game and plot for everyone. Varying across each genre, these games feature engaging stories. Such as archeologists exploring cursed ruins, WWII spies, missing celebrities, cursed kingdoms, and so much more.

Haiku is always adding new games, with their most recent game, Picture Perfect released this fall. Haiku’s newest additions to their AE Mystery line up have the most advanced graphics and better gameplay. However, their older games are still fun to play. It is also a great way to see the Haiku team’s developmental progress. They have clearly put a lot of thought and care into these games.

The newest  AE Mystery games, along with some classics are available together on the Adventure Escape Mysteries app. The games on this app fall under each category, Murder Mystery, Creepy, and Adventure, each varying in difficulty. There are 9 exclusive games on the app, along with a puzzle pack. These games include:

                                                 Trapmaker Trilogy—

Haiku’s most ambitious game. The story takes place in three separate segments, where the player along with Detective Kate Gray must stop a serial killer, who has cleverly set the puzzles up as traps. In this series, it is a race against time as Kate and the player figure out how to defuse these setups in order to find and stop the mastermind known as Trapmaker. Just who is this killer? In this game it can be anyone, and nothing is certain.

                                                      Paradise Mystery—

Detective Kate Gray and her friend go on vacation to a luxury island resort. There, things go wrong from the second they arrive. From malfunctioning technology, and a flood in their room, this relaxing paradise becomes a working trip for Kate. What is going on? It is up to the player and Kate to find out.

                                                     Picture Perfect—

Haiku’s newest game! Sent to investigate a high-profile wedding, where the groom turns up dead, Detective Kate Gray has to figure out what happened. Through twists and turns, unflattering secrets will be revealed. This picture-perfect couple are not what they seem, and someone is out to get them. Who and why? Through fun and clever puzzles the mystery will be revealed.

                                                     Pirates Treasure—

Set sail on the high sea and help pirate Captain Conroy get the treasure. Encounter mermaids, pirates, ghosts, and even a kraken as the adventure of a lifetime unfolds. Go into the realm of the dead, test sailing skills around maelstroms, and try not to get caught by rival crews. Remember, make sure not to lose sight of the treasure, it isn’t as easy as it seems.

                                                      Cursed Crown—

Princess Nimue must save her kingdom from a curse. Travel with her to fantastic lands as she races to save her people. Learn new spells along the way, and meet enchanting creatures in this choose your own adventure style game. Every choice made along the way may have consequences in the end.

                                                     Painted Worlds—

An art dealer, Garry finds himself immersed in one of the paintings that he is about to sell. Now, he is trapped inside of the painted reality of a famous artist that had vanished. The player, along with a mysterious girl, must help Garry as each makes their way through the emotional paintings. Remember, the picture is never complete in this game.

The Covenant—

Warning: Rated M. This is Haiku’s darkest game to date featuring heavy themes and fear. This game is also not for animal lovers.

Sam and her classmates find themselves in a nightmare situation while on a camping trip during a blood moon. Now, the player must help Sam make tough decisions in order for her to survive the night. What strangeness is happening? Is it all in Sam’s head? And how will the choices the player and Sam make affect the outcome?

Adventure Escape Mystery games by Haiku are available for download on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. They are free with in-app purchases. Happy playing.

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  1. I’m playing Murder Inn, and at chapter 6 got stuck. In the room with the deer heads I get to the part of placing the 2 yellow arrows that opens to a metal door. I place the metal dial on the door but have tried and cannot get the door opened!! Frustrated


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