Fan Theories Can Be A Setup for Disappointment

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In the wake of WandaVision’s polarizing finale, it is time to talk about fan theories. And how they are a setup for disappointment.

Overhyping is a set-up for disappointment

During WandaVision’s release, fan theories had been running rampant all over the internet. Hundreds of theories flooded YouTube and Reddit. With most of the theories coming from dedicated fans of the comic books. Who used them as a guide to the plot of the show.

While the comic books were the source material, the MCU does take artistic license. But, many of these videos and Reddit threads made it convincing that WandaVision was going to be much like the story arcs it was based on. Right to the main baddie. As the finale reveals, ninety percent of these theories didn’t happen. Disappointing many viewers.

Also aiding in the disappointment is the revealing of leaked plots from web sights like 4chan. That are posted on Subreddits and shared on YouTube, along with leaked toys, that were just fanart. Between all of this and the cryptic nature of WandaVision, easter eggs, and limited content being released from Disney, it is easy for the floodgates to open for fan theories.

The only problem is, these theories were so exciting and convincing. And by the time WandaVision’s final episode premiered, many people were hopped up on excitement from these theories. As well as convinced that the main fan theory was going to come true.

As the credits rolled on WandaVision’s final episode, the disappointment radiated off fans. And strong opinions flooded the internet. Even giving the show a lesser rating then originally intended. And blaming the writers. But this isn’t fair. The writers always knew where the show was going to go. The fans just pieced together the puzzle.

Fan Theories Can be Harmful

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The fans have every right to theorize. It is part of the excitement. However, their over convincing theories, clumped together with their knowledge of the comic books, along with the fake leaks are what is hurting opinions on the show. It comes down to fan expectation vs reality.

Fans always have high expectations. It can’t be helped. That is part of the joy of seeing comic book heros coming to life. It is exciting and very easy to theorize where the movies or TV shows are going to go.

However, when over hyping these theories, the fandom becomes toxic. Expectations grow amongst the mass and by the time of the premiere, many will be disappointed. Disappointment that could have been avoided in some cases. Especially for movie only fans. But no matter the fan, fan disappointment is strong.

Strong reactions from fans turn toxic. Many arguing with each other over whether it was good or bad. If the writers did a poor job, or are brilliant, and did the script justice. And while fans are arguing, reviews are being written. Good, bad, and ugly. And in the case of WandaVision, blaming the writers. Some even going as far as saying the show wasn’t bold because it went a different route than expected.

Overhyped fan theories aren’t fair to the writers. Nor are they fair to the viewers/fans. As enjoying as they can be. And as passionate as these fans are, they put a lot of pressure on the writers, viewers, and reviews. Now with Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiering, hopefully what happened with WandaVision won’t happen again. And fans can enjoy the show as is and as intended.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney+
Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+

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