6 Games That Can Help You Learn a New Skill (Sort Of)

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Video games are a good source of entertainment but they can offer us a lot more than that, with studies showing that playing video games can improve our coordination and puzzle-solving skills, as well as enhancing our memory.

In addition to this, it can also be a great learning platform as well. Now, I’m not saying you will become an expert, but you should learn a thing or two and with the current events that are happening in the world at the moment, there is no better time to start than now. These are a few video games that can help you learn a skill or two.


Rocksmith gives the player the ability to learn electric guitar and/or bass guitar at home. It teaches players a number of things from chords, techniques like sliding and bends, as well as simple things like how to correctly hold a guitar pick. Players can also play fun and addictive mini-games that focus on your playing technique.

Rocksmith also gives players access to a number of hit songs, with more being able to be purchased in the games store. It also allows players to set a difficulty level during each song, the speed, and the ability to choose certain sections to focus on.

Available on Playstation, Xbox, Mac and PC, Rocksmith is perfect for those who always wanted to learn electric guitar and/or bass guitar. But to play this, you will need the game’s real tone cable and obviously a electric guitar and/or bass guitar.

Flight Simulators

Like I said earlier, this list won’t make you an expert in any of these fields, especially with this game as it won’t make you a pilot. However, flight simulators can offer players the chance to live out their dream of becoming a pilot. Thanks to its realistic controls, you can see and what pilots would generally use inside of a cockpit.

The newest addition to these types of games is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, which allows players to take control of a number of different types of planes. It also adds a realistic world for players to explore, with a realistic weather system that can interfere with your flying.

These games are so good, in fact, that the US Airforce uses a flight simulator to help train their recruits. But please don’t go flying real planes unless you have an actual qualification.

Brain Age

Originally released on Nintendo DS, Brain Age is designed to keep people’s brains active, as it improves your memory and concentration with its puzzle-solving games. Brain Age would also help us improve our mathematical skills like addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

The newest installment in this series is called Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training and is available on the Nintendo Switch. This installment has mathematical problems but this game also allows its players to improve on their reading skills, as players can speak into the Switch’s speaker system reading text that the game has on the screen.

Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor has players construct bridges over multiple rivers and ravines so that a vehicle can cross them safely. This teaches us about architecture as we must factor in what types of vehicles will cross and how much stress your bridge can take. On some levels, you can have lightweight bikes whereas in others it can be heavy trucks that you will have to help across.

In addition to this, you will have to factor other things such as the weather. That’s because heavy winds can make your structures even weaker. In addition, you will also have to take into account gravity, as some crossings are higher than others during certain levels.

The Typing of the Dead

The Typing of the Dead is very similar to the popular arcade shooter franchise The House of the Dead. As you face zombies who are trying to kill, taking them out before they get too close. But unlike the zombie shooter, the only way you can deal with The Typing of the Dead zombies is by typing… Yes, you read that right. Typing.

The game has you type out a sentence the game gives you as zombies come towards you. With every sentence you type, a zombie will die. With a new sentence being able to be typed with each new zombie you face.

The Typing of the Dead will help improve your typing skills because the more you progress into the game, the more zombies will appear and the sentences get longer. And the quicker zombies get closer to you, which gives you less and less time to complete the sentence.

Job Simulator

I know what you are thinking but work experience can offer you a multitude of skills, whether its communication, team work or learning how to become a gourmet chief. Set in a futuristic setting, this Virtual Reality game allows players to become a Gourmet Chief, Auto Mechanic, Store Clerck, and an Office Worker.

The game can teach you how to follow instructions as you do basic job roles that can be anything from sorting files, serving customers, and taking food orders that you serve to your virtual customers.

These are just some of the games you can play that offer some sort of learning experience while you’re playing them. Which one are you going to ‘learn’ first?

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