Super Mario Bros. 35 – The Newest Battle Royale Game

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Super Mario Bros. 35 is a free download for Nintendo Switch Online users to celebrate 35 years since the original release. This allows players to relive the original game’s levels in their traditional 2D platforming, but there is only one major difference… it’s a Battle Royale game. What’s next, a Tetris Battle Royale game? …Wait, what do you mean there already is one?

Not Your Normal Battle Royale

Super Mario Bros. 35 is slightly different from other Battle Royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends where you’re mostly trying to eliminate others. Instead, it follows the same system Fall Guys used to approach the Battle Royale mode, with its players trying to survive and outlive each other as they try to complete each level, with the last person alive winning the game.

The limit of players in one game of Super Mario Bros. 35’s new Battle Royale is… you guessed it, 35. Other than just survive, players can also increase their chances of them winning by collecting as many coins as they can if there is more than one person who is not eliminated. You can also earn coins by knocking out opponents during a game.

Super Mario Bros. 35 has limited-time events called ‘Special Battle’. These limited-time events will have players try to complete a course of levels in special conditions. For example, starting with more enemies or less time to complete the course.

“Yes! I’m the winner!”

As they go through the levels, players can spend their hard-earned coins on abilities on a roulette wheel. By spending 20 coins, players will get a random power-up, such as an invisibility star, to increase their chances of winning. You can also gather coins from playing games. The higher you place, the more coins you will get to spend on power ups before you even start a game.

As well as this, players must complete the level as fast as they can. Instead of the original game’s time limit per level, players in Super Mario Bros. 35 only have 35 seconds at their disposal to beat the levels. Players will be able to earn additional time by defeating enemies as well as completing levels.

Your Opponent’s Win is in Another Castle

Although this game is mostly about surviving, players do have the ability to eliminate other players. This can be done by targeting specific players and sending special enemies to attack them.

Players can choose who to attack themselves or with the game’s attack option. The attack option quickly allows you to focus attacks on enemies depending on what you choose. These options allow you to attack players with the least amount of time remaining, players with the most coins, players who are attacking you themselves, or a random player.

“Here we go!”

Do you think you have what it takes to win a game in Super Mario Bros. 35 new Battle Royale mode? If you do, then you’d better be quick, as this game won’t be playable for long. It is said that it will be taken off the Nintendo Switch Online service after March 31, 2021.

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