What’s New in Spelunky 2 – All the Major Features Explained

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Spelunky is a 2D platforming game that was free on Microsoft Windows back in 2008, with the title being made for the Xbox and Playstation consoles in later years. Well, after almost 12 years since the game’s first public release, Spelunky fans will finally be able to go cave exploring once again in the newest installment in the series, Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2 offers a lot of new features for players to explore and experience so here are a few additions that weren’t in the original.

Online Co-op

Spelunky 2 has an all-new online Co-Op mode. Just like the last game, this will allow up to four players to explore the caverns, but this time online, as opposed to the original’s local-only Co-Op mode.

This should allow players to finally have their own screen so that they can go and adventure off on their own during levels instead of having to be stuck with the other players.

It has been speculated that there will be cross-platform for the game, so that players on Steam and PS4 can play together.┬áThis feature won’t be available on Steam right away though due to bugs.

Rideable Animals

You are now able to ride animals in Spelunky 2. In order to ride an animal, you must first tame it. This can be done by staying on the animal for a certain amount of time without taking damage as it runs around. When you have tamed the animal it will stop running around wildly and hearts will appear, which means you are then able to control the animal freely.

The animals that you are able to tame include turkeys, axolotls and rock dogs, with each animal having their own ability as well as an extra jump. The turkey allows players to glide while riding them, making long, unreachable jumps easier to get to. The rock dogs and the axolotls both allow you to fire at the enemy, with the rock dog shooting a fireball while the axolotls shoot a bubble.

New Map Features

The maps in Spelunky are always challenging and difficult to navigate around. This hasn’t changed in Spelunky 2. Players can complete new quests for the NPCs in the game. For example, an NPC can sometimes require you to find turkeys around the map in exchange for a reward. As well as this, Spelunky 2 gives you the choice to save the NPCs from becoming trapped.

The maps in Spelunky 2 also have new hidden passageways. This allows players to explore even more during each level. If a player dares to enter any of these dark hidden passages, they could find NPCs in there in need of help, or find a secret key that can open a locked door in the main area. This can also help people navigate through the main level’s most difficult parts.

New Characters

Unlike in the original game, we play as a different character in Spelunky 2, the daughter of the original Spelunky game’s protagonist – Ana Spelunky. The main story in this game is about Ana’s parents who have gone missing. This causes Ana to go out and search for them, with her learning that her parents are on the Moon.

Players can also add characters to their selection by playing through the game and finding them during certain levels. There are also three other default characters you can choose from and play as in Co-Op, including a sloth. Not all NPCs found in the game will help you, though, so be careful whilst playing.

New Shop Items

The shop system still allows you to steal or purchase helpful tools in the game that will help players proceed in the story or explore the level they’re on. The shop also has new items for players to use. For example, the new clone gun that allows players to clone things like turkeys.

There is also a new shop in Spelunky 2 which allows players to gamble and roll two dice pieces in order to get an item from the shop.

Final Thoughts

Those are just some of the newest features in Spelunky 2. So now is the time for you to get digging in this very clever, challenging, and heavily addictive game.

PS4 players are able to play Spelunky 2 now as it was released on September 15. PC fans of Spelunky will be able to experience Spelunky 2 via Steam when it launches on September 29. At the moment, it’s uncertain if the game will also launch on Xbox consoles at some point in the future, though it does seem likely.

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