Unique Uses for Virtual Reality Technology

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Technology is continually being adapted for application in a variety of different industries and everyday uses. One piece of innovative technology that has seen increasingly unique applications in recent years is virtual reality. Virtual reality technology is most popularly known for its applications in video games, but it can be applied to a variety of different industries as well.

The ability to transport the user to an entirely fictionalized setting with just a few pieces of equipment has revolutionized many industries and made it easier than ever for users to interact with their favorite brands and products. This guide explores three unique uses for virtual reality technology across vastly different industries.


Similar to the use of virtual reality technology in video gaming, this technology has also become a prominent component in the creation and design of animated films. Animated films, which once utilized mainly 2D animation styles, have since shifted to incorporate 3D styles exclusively. The goal for many animation studios is to create images that feel as true to life as possible. This is where virtual reality technology comes into play.

Utilizing a virtual reality headset, controllers, and compatible design software, animators can draw up completely immersive worlds. They’re no longer limited to pen and paper or even rigid computer design software. Designing and animating films in this way allows the artist to more clearly visualize the space and the settings of their animated world, enabling them to create more realistic settings.


The fashion industry is all about finding the next big thing and marketing those trends to the public. As such, it only makes sense that virtual reality and high fashion would go hand in hand. Many high-end fashion designers have begun offering 360-degree virtual reality videos of their fashion shows. This allows the viewer to see a garment from all angles prior to purchase while enabling them to clearly see how the clothing will look in motion. If you want timeless clothing pieces, you should check the Vibe Clothing Company.

On a slightly smaller scale, virtual reality also helps fashion companies design models for upcoming stores. It allows them to experiment with different store layouts and to clearly see how items will be displayed before they begin construction.

Real Estate

Virtual reality technology isn’t only limited to use in Hollywood or the Big Apple. It has also become increasingly popular in the real estate industry. In fact, the use of virtual reality in the real estate industry is so varied and versatile that many real estate companies are now utilizing this technology in lieu of more traditional methods.

Real estate agents often use virtual reality or augmented reality technology to create 3D models of available homes and to conduct virtual tours with the simple click of a button. This not only allows the agent to save time and money on traditional tours, but also makes the home-buying process much easier for the buyers.

This technology is particularly beneficial to individuals who live in different states from where they hope to buy homes or who have particularly packed schedules that would make a traditional home tour nearly impossible.

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