Mafia: Definitive Edition/Trilogy release date revealed

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After recent leaks and a teaser trailer, 2K have officially revealed a release date for Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia: Trilogy.

Both are to be released on August 28th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a ground-up remake of the 2002 original. Which followed the rise of mobster Tommy Angelo during the 1930s. And is remembered for its exploration of organised crime, realism, and that racing car mission.

From looking at screenshots it’s looking beautiful, the game itself will be hitting 4K resolution with HDR. That isn’t the only thing going for it, however. Other changes and additions include motorcycles, a first for the Mafia series, an expanded map, and new collectibles. 2K are promising much more on top of this, but details are unknown.

A new motorcycle from Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Mafia: Definitive edition is available for pre-order on its own or can be acquired as part of the Mafia: Trilogy. Which will contain three games, Mafia: Definitive Edition, Mafia 2: Definitive Edition and Mafia 3: Definitive Edition.

Both Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia: Trilogy will be released digitally and physically. Physical versions will only be available on console. And the physical version of Mafia: Trilogy will only be released in Europe and the UK.

Mafia: Definitive Edition's visuals look great.

Mafia 2: Definitive Edition

Along with this announcement, 2K also announced Mafia 2: Definitive Edition and Mafia 3: Definitive Edition. Which are available right now digitally on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you own Mafia 2 on Steam you can download the definitive edition for free. Owners of Mafia 3 on any platform whether physical or digitally will receive an upgrade to the definitive edition for free in the form of an update.

Mafia 2: Definitive Edition is a remaster of 2010s Mafia 2 with touched up textures and lighting. All of Mafia 2’s DLC is also included in Mafia: 2 Definitive Edition edition.

Mafia 2 was a great game and if you would like to know why it is still worth playing in 2020 you can check out this piece which explains it.

Mafia 3: Definitive Edition

With the release of Mafia 3: Definitive Edition, all of the Mafia 3’s DLC are free to download. Mafia 3: Definitive Edition itself is the same as regular Mafia 3, which released in 2016.

A Chance at Being in the Game

In other Mafia-related news, you could have your picture featured on in-game wanted posters in the upcoming Mafia: Definitive Edition, as part of a mugshot contest being held by 2K. More info about the contest can be found here.

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